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6 years ago
5 years ago


Requesting that the "Updated" column be added to the Ticket List by default. This way it is easy to see items that are updated without needing to always re-check the box.

Ticket History

6 years and 2 months ago by Tilius

Traq does not currently support configuration for default columns.

Ticket will remain on hold until support is added.

In the mean time, you can check "Watch my new tickets" in the UserCP to be notified of changes to your tickets.

6 years and 1 month ago by Anonymous

Have you tried asking the developers of Traq for something like this? I see a lot of you wanting certain features, why not ask and see what they say?

5 years and 6 months ago by Admin

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Since the original install of Traq, the software has increased its feature set greatly with the 3.0+ series.

We have asked for (and received / had implemented) a number of tickets for features as well as identified bugs.

Two features of particular interest here is the greatly improved per-project timelines and the ability to receive email alerts per-ticket (by subscribing), auto-subscribing to your own tickets, or subscribing to an entire project.

Because of this, the overall intent of this ticket has been resolved through other means than modifying the default columns.

As such, I am closing this ticket with no further action.