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by Kaede
September 28th, 2017, 3:37 pm
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Hey All!

While I love the fun chats we get into in the Cosrin wizard, having a tiny window scroll through messages so freaking fast can be irritating, so I thought I'd quickly set up a Discord server for Cosrin!

Now, for those of you now familiar with Discord, it is a free chat service designed for gamers. It can do text and voice with no issues and great quality. There are apps for everything, including a web app you can just run in a browser (which voice chat still works very well on!) You can even set it up on your phone or tablet for mobile chatting!

Obviously this would be an entirely OOC chat, as IC stuff should probably remain either in Cosrin proper or at least here on the boards, but this could be a great way to facilitate larger discussions with more than just a couple of people (as we slowly get a steady stream of regulars back).

Here is the link to discords main site: so you can get an idea of what it is.

Here is the invite link if you'd like to join us!

This link will never expire, so feel free to pass it on to your cosrin friends! :D
by Kaede
March 3rd, 2013, 4:43 pm
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Topic: Contest: It's Full of Stars
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Re: Contest: It's Full of Stars

I call dibs on "The Scholar"
by Kaede
March 1st, 2013, 7:22 pm
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Pre-100 access to adv. guild vulcanite ingots.
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Pre-100 access to adv. guild vulcanite ingots.

When going up the north path to try to get to the ingot rooms, you get blocked, saying you must be at least GR100 to enter. HOWEVER, at LL100 and GR90, I was able to go northeast from the room with the 'buyer tools' for vulcanite, and got right in no problem.
by Kaede
February 23rd, 2013, 5:50 am
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Topic: The wrong spell...
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The wrong spell...

Between two long bookshelves
You are within the library proper now, to your left and right are
long very high bookshelves filled to overflowing with books of all
kinds. A long thin ladder is attached to the bookshelf frame and
rolls back and forth, it allows access to the higher shelves.
Obvious Exits: South SouthEast

Mages' Guildmaster Lothaine [93M] Bellows: [Lothaine and Deesul encounter a page on their way out of the Mages' Guild.]

You shout '*The page approaches the guildmaster and offers the parchment in his hand.* Urgent message, sir!'

Mages' Guildmaster Lothaine [93M] Bellows: [Lothaine hands the page a tip while accepting the parchment.] "Thank you."

You shout '*The page bows and quickly runs off. The note is short, "I need you. -Kaede"'

Mages' Guildmaster Lothaine [93M] Bellows: [Knowing where she spent most of her time, they went to the library.]
A floorboard creaks and the librarians look up in disapproval.
Lothaine's group enters from the south

Lothaine says 'Knew I'd find you here.'

You shout '*Kaede herself is pacing back and forth in her usual spot in the great library... an ancient book spread out on the'
You shout 'table before her, pages of notes scattered everywhere*'

Lothaine waves a parchment. "What's wrong?"
Deesul chats Not sure if I should be offended.

Kaede says '! '

Kaede says 'Finally! I've been waiting forever.'

Lothaine looks around at the mess of books. "Been doing some light reading?"

You give a fed up "HUFF!"

Kaede asks 'Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to translate a dead language with no basis of reference whatsoever?'

Lothaine chuckles away.
Lothaine says 'Yes, yes I do.'

Kaede exclaims 'Then you shouldn't make fun!'

Lothaine raises an eyebrow in your direction.
Deesul blinks.

Kaede Moves towards the book, tapping the open page frantically, albeit gently.

Lothaine asks 'Is this frustration? Or... is there something more serious?'

You hop about madly.

Kaede exclaims 'I think I managed to find a way to get there!'

Lothaine asks 'You know I'm not one to make light of a situation unless... get... you mean...?'

Kaede says 'At first I wasn't sure.. it's so difficult to get anything to make sense.. but after how long has it been? months? I think'

Kaede says 'I've finally figured it out'

Kaede says 'I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on this, I think it's a teleportation spell to the island, and I want to try it...'

You shout '*speaking at a rapid fire pace, Kaede explains her findings, a possible way to teleport to the place mentioned in this'

You shout 'ancient book she's been studying so dilligently*'

Lothaine gives a sly smile.

Kaede says 'From what I can tell.. A long time ago.. dragons were worshipped as gods.. and there was a temple built in their honor, on a'

Kaede says 'Long forgotten island... This may be able to get us there.'

Kaede says 'And I -have- to know.'

Lothaine nods towards you.

You grin at Lothaine.

Lothaine asks 'Of course. I understand. So... what did you have in mind?'
Lothaine asks 'We teleport to the island?'

You nod your head at Lothaine.

Kaede points to the open page in the book. "This SHOULD take us there. Same as any other teleport spell."

Deesul asks 'What are we waiting for?'
Deesul is now following Kaede

You beam broadly at Deesul.

You see Lothaine approaches the book Kaede was pointing to and examines the writing for a moment.
Lothaine rubs his chin, deep in thought.

You tap your foot testily.

Lothaine blinks.

You grin at Lothaine.

Kaede asks 'Why would you NOT want to come?'

Lothaine says 'I certainly do... it's just that...'

Deesul asks 'Lothaine, do you have a hesitation?'

Lothaine thought for a moment that something seemed off.
Deesul thought he burned this book... all well.

You see Lothaine wave his hand dismissively. "It's nothing."

Deesul nods.

You nod your head at Lothaine.

Kaede says 'Good! '

You shout '*Having talked both Lothaine and Deesul into joining her in this experiment, Kaede prepares for the spell that will'
You shout '(hopefully) take them directly to this fabled Dragon temple*'

Lothaine says 'Sounds interesting. Certainly we don't know enough about dragons.'
Lothaine nods.

You nod your head at Lothaine.

Lothaine says 'I'm glad you're not going alone though.'
Deesul thinks they'd probably make good mounts, if nothing else.

Kaede exclaims 'You were so mad last time!'

Lothaine says 'These teleportation spells are... well the old ones are rather tricky.'

You nod your head at Lothaine.

Kaede says 'I know, but what's magic without experimentation? My old master taught me that.'

Lothaine chuckles away.
Lothaine asks 'Of course of course. Ashenhildr was it?'

Kaede nods at thaine and steps toward the book, running her fingers over the words of the spell, she takes a deep breath.

Deesul squints his eyes tightly, ready for the magic's pull.

Lothaine asks 'Is there something you'd have me do?'

Kaede says 'Just... watch my back, I guess? This is tremendous magic I'll be working with.'

Lothaine gives a thoughtful "Hmm..."

Lothaine asks 'Okay, so you'll handle the spell?'
Lothaine nods.

You shout '*With a hard exhale, Kaede begins reciting the incantation of the spell under her breath, pulling together the vast'

You shout 'amount of energy needed for this spell. Her eyes close, and the air immediately surrounding her and the book begin to '

You shout 'thrum with power*'

Deesul exhales slowly.

Mages' Guildmaster Lothaine [93M] Bellows: [Lothaine stood by staring intently, unsure of the spell's stability.]

You shout '*Her words get louder, as the power builds, the energy pulled together for the magnitude of the magic is visible '
You shout 'for brief flashes. She almost stumbles under the sheer weight of the power she's manipulating, but steadies herself.*'

As Kaede continues the incantation, the ancient tome begins to shimmer in a dim light all its own.
Lothaine moved his hand to his hilt.
Deesul folds his hands into the sign of Zoran, offering a silent prayer for safe travels.

You shout '*Her voice almost cracks as she pushes the last few words of the incantation out and releases the spell*'

A toad walks across the floor, towards a wizard in the corner.
Giant toad hops in!
Giant toad hops in!
Giant toad hops in!
Lothaine UNPACKs a uncontrollably energized elemental short sword
Giant toad advances towards Deesul
Giant toad advances towards Kaede
Giant toad advances towards Deesul
Lothaine charges with his tawny owl and swings his uncontrollably energized elemental short sword at Giant toad and hits for fatal damage
Giant toad is slain!

Lothaine charges with his tawny owl and swings his uncontrollably energized elemental short sword at Giant toad and hits for fatal damage
Giant toad is slain!

Lothaine charges with his tawny owl and swings his uncontrollably energized elemental short sword at Giant toad and hits for fatal damage
Giant toad is slain!

Mages' Guildmaster Lothaine [93M] Bellows: [Lothaine eliminates some giant toads.] "That was strange."
As the incantation comes to a close, Kaede has managed to summon 3 festering toads into the library.
A floorboard creaks and the librarians look up in disapproval.

Lothaine says 'This is not the time for librarians to concern themselves with anything other than taking a lunch break right now.'
Lothaine said over his shoulder.

You shout '*She slumps to her knees on the floor, breathing heavily* I... that can't be right.. Toads?'

You boggle your eyes.

Deesul puts his elemental short sword in his backpack
Deesul puts his mithril buckler in his backpack
Deesul ponders on the problem for a moment.
Deesul walks over to help Kaede back to her feet.

Kaede accepts the help, and moves frantically back to the book. "It doesn't... That doesn't make any sense.."

Deesul says 'It seems the spell matrix requires more power.'
Deesul points to a passage in the book.
You see Lothaine's eyes glow a bit brighter, as if coming to a realization.
Deesul says 'Try retranslating it.'
Lothaine says 'That... Kaede.'
Lothaine lets out a deep sigh.

Kaede says 'The power was not the issue... I touched something amazing.. SOMETHING happened.. I'm just.. not sure what.'

The librarians continue to stack books and shuffle them around.
Lothaine says 'That spell was a transportation spell. That I don't doubt. But rather than us going somewhere, something was brought to us.'
The hovering shield in front of Lothaine vanishes
A man whistles merrily, but is instantly vaporized by a librarian.
One of the magical lights flickers and goes out.
Deesul cleans some toad from his boot.

You shout '*She shakes her head while staring at the book* I did it right, I cast it correctly... I just...'

Lothaine says 'Ancient magic is filled with dialect issues. Sometimes always seems to get lost in translation if using different books.'

Far away from Moorgate, a dull humming can be heard. Peculiar, though faint and fleeting.

You see Kaede's dragon ladon look up and peer in the direction of the humming.

Lothaine follows their gaze.

You shout '*Ladon stares intently in the direction of the humming, a low growl escaping the young dragon*'

Kaede doesn't even notice, and is shuffling through pages of notes.

Lothaine says 'Kaede. '
The humming slowly becomes a bit of a drone, but it's hard to place. Steady and rhythmic.
Lothaine asks 'Do you hear that?'
Lothaine says 'Deesul, arm yourself.'
Deesul UNPACKs a elemental short sword
Deesul UNPACKs a mithril buckler
You hear Deesul chant strange words of magic...
You see Deesul gesture at his elemental short sword...
Suddenly, you see the elemental short sword begin to glow.. The glow fades and it now is a uncontrollably energized elemental short sword!

Kaede waves her hand dismissively, lost in the book.

You hear Deesul chant strange words of magic...
Deesul gestures towards himself
A red glow slowly sinks into Deesul
You hear Deesul chant strange words of magic...
Deesul gestures towards himself
A hovering glowing shield appears in front of Deesul
You hear Deesul chant strange words of magic...
Deesul gestures towards himself
Deesul begins to glow a dim green

You shout '*Kaede herself is already lost again in the book, going through her notes, trying to figure out what went wrong*'

Lothaine says 'Kaede. '
Lothaine says 'I think your spell worked, Kaede.'
Lothaine's eyes pulsed with an unnatural light.

Kaede's attention is caught with that, and she looks up at Lothaine, "I.. what?"

Lothaine says 'Kaede, your spell worked. It just didn't do what you thought it would do... Think about it.'
Lothaine says 'It summoned creatures...'
A very loud rumbling female voice shouts '[Tracking a deer in Darkwell wood, Nalendi pauses, looking around for the source of a strange humming noise.]'
Lothaine nodded towards the sound.
Lothaine asks 'No idea what that sound is, do you?'
Lothaine says 'I would say... Whatever that sound is, is the result of your spell.'
Deesul says 'I think the dragons know.'
A shriek escapes from northern Ashwood as many of its native birds set flight from the trees; fleeing.

Kaede seems to notice it for the first time, and that Ladon is growling. She blinks. "Oh... oh. OH!"

You see Lothaine tighten his grip on his sword.
Lothaine says 'Something feels off.'

You blink your eyes.

You wrap your arms around you and shiver.

Kaede asks 'Something is out of place.. That much power.. What could it have called?'

Upon the city wall walk, some guards patrol. Two of them take a moment to point at the mass of birds, but pay
Lothaine says 'To the stables.'

You see Kaede smack herself in the forehead when it dawns on her.

little heed to it beyond that, watching for signs of trolls or ogres or bandits assaulting the gates.
Lothaine says 'I wish to procure Rauru.'
Deesul is now following Lothaine

Outside the Stables
This massive building has been built to hold eagles, horses, dragons,
elephants, mammoths and a little pony. Most of the strange creatures
are held behind locked doors. Faith and support of friends have been
the key to rebuilding the stables. Try HELP STABLES for more information.
Obvious Exits: NorthWest
Players here: Lothaine(flying) (accompanied by a owl)
Sir Meik, stable hand has a shop here which will buy items, sell items
Lothaine dismisses his tawny owl, allowing it to wander
Lothaine boards his tawny owl in the stable
Lothaine recovers a young white dragon from the stable
A very loud rumbling female voice shouts '[From high up in a tree, she spots the birds fleeing from the north. Dropping down, she heads for Ashwood.]'
Lothaine mounts his young white dragon

You shout '*She quickly packs the book back into it's safe hiding spot, and leaves with Lothaine and Deesul to investigate.*'

(Lots of dragons here... lots and lots and lots of dragons. Death death death killing killing killing)

You shout '*The dragon issue seemingly dealt with, Kaede rushes back to the library to go back over the book to figure out what '

You shout 'went wrong*'

A surprisingly loud male voice shouts '-The duo, now a trio with the addition of Baraek, take a rest in the Market Square.- -Z-'

Deesul cleans his blade...
Deesul puts his elemental short sword in his backpack
Deesul puts his mithril buckler in his backpack
Lothaine gives a quick grin.

A toad walks across the floor, towards a wizard in the corner.

You see Kaede pull the book out of hiding, and open it back to the page in question. "The power in this thing...

Kaede says 'The dragons call you forth... Maybe it's... You call forth the dragon? If you take the... hmm.'

Lothaine nods.

Kaede shakes her head. "Doesn't matter right this second.. what matters..."

You can't help it, you start to stare at Lothaine.

Kaede says 'Is that it means this book is the real deal. That magic was... phenomenal.. for lack of a better word. Ancient, pure...'

You start to bounce on the spot.

Kaede says 'I can get us there... I know I can.. I just need more time.'

Lothaine folds his arms and squints slightly.

You let out a deep sigh and look to the heavens for hope.

Kaede says 'Alright fine.. Maybe I was a little impetuous with this spell. But I wont' be next time."'

Lothaine says 'Well, you know I won't tell you no.'

You beam broadly at Lothaine.

Kaede exclaims 'I promise you, next time will go off without a hitch!'

Deesul says 'Magic is a wonderous thing. And then everything goes pear-shaped.'

Kaede says 'At least we didn't turn into sofas...'

Deesul nods.
Lothaine smiles.
Deesul says 'There's that.'

A surprisingly loud male voice shouts 'What sparked all of this, anyways? -Z-'

Deesul Shouts: 'Who knows? Fickle dragons. Never happy just serving the mages. |Deesul'

You shout 'Uhh.. No clue! Maybe we were just in their migratory path!'

Lothaine gives a quick grin.

A surprisingly loud male voice shouts 'I see. Maybe I'll just keep my ear to the ground. Seems like the Rumor mill is turning. -Z-'

Lothaine says 'Well, we'll let you get back to your research.'

You give a quick nod.

Kaede says 'Lots to do'

Deesul gives a bow.

You give a hug to Lothaine.

Lothaine says 'Next time will be... amazing.'

Kaede says 'Thanks. '

You give a quick grin.

Lothaine draws you into a bear hug.

Lothaine says 'Squeeze! '

You shout "ACK!" as you realize what you've done.

Kaede turns blue.

Lothaine says 'Okay. Well.'
Lothaine adjusts his clothing.
Lothaine gives a quick wave.
by Kaede
February 22nd, 2013, 4:49 am
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Topic: Contest: Guides, Lore, and Help
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Re: Contest: Guides, Lore, and Help


Attached. Enjoy!

P.S. Since these forums don't allow the uploading of anything even remotely normal when it comes to document formats, I have put the .doc into a .rar
by Kaede
February 17th, 2013, 12:41 am
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Topic: A letter home
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A letter home


How are you my wonderful little sister? I know it has been years since my last letter to you, and I’m so sorry but I’ve been away on very important business. But I’m back, and the first thing I’m doing is writing this to you. I have a lot to tell you in this letter, so I hope you’re ready for a story.

Life was relatively normal here in the strangest city in the world. The demons had been repelled, the guildhall was a gorgeous piece of magical manipulation, and we had a leader. You’d probably like him, he very much fancies himself a hero such as the ones from your favorite stories when you were younger. But he’s a good guild leader, and he’ll probably take us far, with me telling him what he needs to do, of course. After things had calmed down, I practically started living in the library. Yeah yeah, I know. What else is new, right? Anyway, I found things I never dreamed of, as well as some things I still have nightmares about. Now don’t worry, I’m talking about things like century old court records, or shipping ledgers. The library here has everything that has ever come through this city, it’s amazing.

So there I was, reading the journal of some old pickpocket that was caught and executed ages ago when I spotted something in a margin. There was a set of magical coordinates and a single word. Well, I assumed it was a word, I couldn’t read it. It took me almost two more weeks to find a reference to this. It wasn’t a word from any alphabet, but just a symbol representing a book. Less than a paragraph of information. An old book, one of a kind, lost for ages. The Tome of Wyrms. That was it, No other information given. That’s all I needed though, using the coordinates to figure out where I was heading, I took off immediately. I neglected to tell anyone I was going either, I was in such a hurry.

So another trip, just a few years after my migration to Moorgate. As I sat on the boat watching the city get smaller, I was worried, if only for a moment that I may never make it back there. In a very short time that city had become my home, and I would miss it. Who knew that it would be almost 8 years before I saw her once again?

I learned something very important on this trip. I’m not cut out for crazy adventuring. The next few years was a whirlwind of shady plots, unexpected surprises, and just-in-the-nick-of-time saves. I’ll go more into THAT whole story later, but suffice it to say, there were… probably are other people looking for this book. Someone caught wind I was looking for it, and all of a sudden I had competition. I was successful in the end and am in current possession of the book. Now I need to find the time to try to translate it. It’s fascinating! I hope you get to see it someday.

Tell mother I love her, and you take care of her. Write me back soon, I want to know what you’ve been up to. How’s school been? Any boys in your life yet? I must have the local gossip.

by Kaede
May 29th, 2012, 4:51 pm
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An Edit button!

Here on the forums, I think a permanent edit button on our own posts would be very useful, instead of the current setup of only having access to said button for about 15 minutes after the initial post.

If this is doable, that would be fantastic, thanks!
by Kaede
May 29th, 2012, 4:22 pm
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Re: Welcome to the Mages' Guild!

Also, to our younger and new mages! If you have not yet gotten your FREE Haste Ring from me, get ahold of me when I am about! It will be of great assistance to you in your early days, and I will be more than happy to help!
by Kaede
May 29th, 2012, 12:55 am
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Leaving Home...

"Mom... Mom! It's alright, I'll be ok." Kaede shied away from her mother's fussing, standing near the back of the cart she'd be using for the first leg of her journey.
Her mother sighed, "I know you will, but I'm allowed to be nervous, my oldest child, going to practically the other side of the planet!"

Brushing a strand of silver hair from her face, she set her pack on the back of the carriage. "I know, but if there was anywhere closer that had even half as impressive a library.... Oh who am I kidding, I'd still wanna go to Moorgate. And I'm pretty sure I can pass all the requirements to get into the Mages' Guild now!"

The little elf girl hiding behind her mother's skirt peeked out at her bigger sister, "But I don't want you to go! It'll be boooring here without you!"

Kaede smiled and knelt down to be eye level, "No worries Del, "I'll write to you allllll the time, and I'll send you all kinds of cool stuff ok? And I need you to keep my books safe while I'm gone!"

Adeliana nodded before rushing forward to wrap her arms around her sister's neck in a hug. "I'll keep them safe! And you better send me something awesome!"

Kaede smiled and hugged her sister back before standing and ruffling her hair, she then hugged her mom tightly, and hopped onto the back of the carriage to sit. "I'll be fine! Don't worry!" Slapping the side of the carriage to signal the driver, the horses pulling it started a slow trot away from the village.

She waved as family shrank into the distance, settling into the carriage for the long trip to the ship that would take her to the island.