Many Mundane Matters

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Re: Many Mundane Matters

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“So I found this on the corpse I showed you,” Karli informed Eridian as they entered her office after a lengthy conversation that had started in the crypts. Handing him a folded piece of parchment that had been part of a collection of life relics, she took to the air to clear the side of her desk they were stood by. Shoving everything out of the way, she skirted over to start organising her chaos while Eridian laid out the parchment.

“Judging by the other articles they had with them, my guess is they were either an architect, a tactician, or just had a serious passion for spaces,” Eridian opinionated, unfolding the paper and angling it to try and make visible some of the most faded lines.

“Do you recognize anything?” Karli asked hopefully, coming to hover above the blueprint that had a heavy element of schematic about it.

“I recognise several sections as locks,” Eridian confessed, pointing to the various corners of the diagram that involved tumblers.

“This area though,” Karli pointed out, dropping down to gesture across the one side. “Wall, and pipes. Approximately ten interconnected rooms; It’s like a more enlightened version of my map of the old guild.”

“I’ll send someone to check this area,” Eridian mentioned, motioning towards the anomaly. “I’m unsure if this was a planned expansion or an original area.”

“Have them stealth past Orkhan, please,” Karli requested, producing her own map and trying to match the location of the area to investigate later.

“Any theories?” Eridian questioned, leaving the parchment on the table as he prepared to leave.

“Maybe the original offices?” Karli wondered, grabbing a stick of charcoal from the desktop and circling an area on her own map. “If it is an original feature, whatever it is, it has to be more exciting then the ‘old guild’,” she smirked, making quotation gestures as best she could with her impeded hands.

“You spend a lot of time underground for someone who has the entire sky at your disposal,” Eridian chuckled, seeing himself out. He received a nod from Hal as he emerged back into the bar area.

“Flying treasure doesn’t exist at the same frequency as buried treasure!” Karli shot at Eridian loudly to ensure he heard her as the door started to close.

“The guild is being mastered by the reclusive blue mole fly,” Karli heard Eridian remark to Hal, causing her to shoot across the room to prevent the door clicking shut.

“The guild is being mastered by the woman who is going to relocate your office to the sewers; by the statue of Glothen, or what-ever-their-name-is. Enjoy the smell.”

“That threat has as much weight as you yourself physically possess,” Eridian smirked in response.

Looking between the two knowingly, Hal placed himself back behind the counter. “If yer gonna have another go at each other, clean up after yourselves this time…” Hal requested calmly.

Regarding Eridian with dangerous focus, Karli smiled begrudgingly. “Nope, not gonna do it,” she breathed with a shake of her head.

“Wise choice,” Eridian nodded, not entirely convinced she was indeed backing down. It had been some time since he had tested her.

“The sooner I finish my work, the sooner I can get back to playing,” Karli conceded, receding into her office, declining the offer.
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Re: Many Mundane Matters

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“Karli,” Shal hailed her from the tavern side of her office door with uncertainty. “Karli..?” he tried again after a few minutes when he didn’t receive a response.

“My inventory fell shockingly short this morning,” Hal informed Shal regrettably. “Last time I checked on her she was under her chair, not in it. Neither of them were vertical I’ll clarify.”

“Maybe we should cut her some slack. I mean, she’s been working pretty non-stop for ages,” Shal remarked with consideration, eyeing the door still.

“She works until she’s antsy. When she gets antsy I kick her out for a bit,” Hal shrugged, grabbing a glass. “She’s more use drunk than antsy,” Hal continued, pausing in his cleaning to regard Shal flatly from under his brow. “You’ll be lucky if she’s awake before nightfall.”

“We kinda need her now,” Shal regretfully muttered, stepping closer to the door. “Karli!” Shal barked at the door, sighing as Hal removed himself from behind the bar and approached.

“Stop shouting, and just hammer on the door a few times,” Hal instructed him, throwing the cleaning rag he had carried with him back onto the bar top.

“Don’t you dare!” they both heard Karli order from inside her barred office, her placement now obviously directly behind the door. Halting in his advance, Hal determined his services were not required at that point and looked to return to his station.

“It’s not like you to make your presence known on that side of my door, Shal,” Karli pointed out suspiciously with an ominous grace. “What has gone so horribly wrong that you want a door to mediate?” she asked regretfully.

“Aldrich thinks more walls are about to collapse in the basement,” Shal informed her with zero enthusiasm. Hearing something hit the door with an equal measure of enthusiasm, he stared at the location lower down on the door where the noise had occurred.

“Why does everyone seem to think Aldrich is an authority on freaking walls!?” Karli asked through the door almost painfully. Giving in, she opened the door, thankfully stood on the floor which prevented Shal needing to adjust his gaze.

“Aldrich is a very skilled pick pocket,” Karli explained, her hair seemingly frozen in a bizarre direction. “He is amazing with single handed edged weapons,” she elaborated, tugging her shirt into the correct position and rediscovering the hand one sleeve had consumed. “He also tells hilarious tales you should never believe a single word of because he is a prolific liar.” Refusing to move from her spot, Karli paused briefly to kick off the single boot she had somehow retained even after it’s brethren was lost.

“He isn’t an architect…” Karli sighed, surrendering to the situation and sitting on the floor where she had previously stood. “Does anyone believe the guild is going to collapse as a result?” she asked tiredly, laying her head on the floor before her crossed legs, causing her wings to stand erect above her.

“Yes,” Shal replied regretfully.

“That’s a shame,” Karli remarked quietly.

When Karli offered no further feedback, Shal studied her quizzically before looking towards Hal questioningly. Offering Shal a shrug that made it evident Hal was both indifferent and immune to the situation, Shal regarded the barkeep with demanding accusation before motioning to the heap of sprite before him.

Mouthing something profane with a roll of his eyes, Hal shook his head as he grabbed two bottles from behind the bar and a single glass. Placing all three items on a table, Hal approached the situation. Grabbing the back of Karli’s shirt below her wings, Hal hoisted her off the floor and into the bar area.

“I hate you,” Karli informed Hal softly as he dropped her unceremoniously into a chair at the table with the bottles on it. Getting her limbs and wings in order as she tried to kneel in the chair to comfortably reach the table, she made a grab for the bottle of whiskey when she spotted it; having Hal relocate it as soon as she did.

“Wrong one,” Hal informed her heavily, pouring water from the other bottle into the glass and putting it within reach. Thwarted, Karli let her arms slip out to the sides and her torso to drop to the table, staring at the glass of water resentfully.

Motioning to Shal to remain quiet when he appeared about to speak, Hal leaned over the table supported by both arms. “The walls in the basement,” Hal prompted Karli.

“Get a second opinion,” she replied flatly. “If possible hire whoever can offer a valid one and fire Aldrich as an architect...”

“Alcohol,” Hal prompted next, tilting his head to the side inquisitively.

“Is not food,” Karli sighed, knowing she wouldn’t get the whiskey until he was satisfied with her replies.

“And?” Hal asked.

“Should be consumed in Stormfury where you don’t have to clean up after me…”

“Also, Blanco,” Hal continued, starting down the list of crap everyone had been pestering him for info on.

“Ah, crow,” Karli muttered. “Is Giacomo still..?”

“Yes,” Hal confirmed, forcing her to sit back in the chair and take the glass of water. “Porter also needs that paperwork he requested.” Waiting for her to start drinking the water, he moved the bottle of whiskey closer. “The equipment prototypes need approval. The mages have sent the bill for the mops, and you wanted me to remind you about something you said you would remember and I didn’t need to know about.”

“Is that all?” Karli asked hopefully.

“No,” Hal replied shortly, laying a hand on the bottle of whiskey threatening. “What am I not?” he asked her bluntly.

“My secretary?” Karli tried hopefully, understanding her situation.

“Exactly!” Hal shot at her, finally moving the bottle of alcohol within reach.

“Are you sure about that?” Shal asked Hal skeptically, stepping back quickly when Hal shot him a look that threatened to throw a bar stool at him. “I’ll go get that second opinion,” Shal nodded, making for the stairs out, momentarily pausing at the bottom in case there was additional information he required.

“Yes! Please!” Karli beseeched him. “Can we not let Aldrich back into the basement as well,” Karli begged painfully. “Can we not encourage everyone to trust his every assessment? Can we actually just find a specialist for every crowing subject we need to deal with lately and just let them tell us when we have a crowing problem!?”

“You’re a problem,” Hal informed her shortly.

“You’re not the expert of me,” Karli reminded him dryly with more clarity than she had possessed since waking. Quickly grabbing the bottle of whiskey and placing it in her lap, she held up a single commanding finger as she downed her glass of water hurriedly. “Don’t you dare,” she warned Hal, huddling herself over the bottle in her lap before waving Shal away.
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Re: Many Mundane Matters

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“What do we have?” Eridian asked Kavorkian as he emerged back out the small opening that had been unearthed earlier.

“It’s an impressive size,” Kavorkian remarked, removing the odd pair of goggles he had worn down to ensure there was nothing problematic living down there already. “Hasn’t been used in ages.”

“How can you be sure?” Eridian enquired, grabbing the stone slab they had dislodged to expose the area and carrying it back over.

“Next to no dust down there,” Kavorkian explained, placing the goggles back in his pack before drawing out a vial from his pouch and drinking it. “I don’t even think the rats figured a way in.”

“Is anything at all living down there?”

“Non-troublesome insects. About it.”

“We’re going to have to broaden that entrance and get more people in there for a full investigation,” Eridian decided, using the extinguished end of the torch they had brought with them to mark an ‘X’ on the entry stone.

“What about the unstable walls, any news?” Kavorkian asked conversationally, not having had to pass the area to fill Eridian’s request for a small guild member to investigate the area.

“It seems to be more of this,” Eridian shrugged, motioning towards the stone. “They got one side open and had a look. It’s just a few rooms from way back. They anticipate the other side to be much of the same.”

“Anything of interest in there?”

“If you find long forgotten items that have no significant value to anyone outside this guild interesting… sure.”

“Anything to quaff or nibble?” Kavorkian asked hopefully.

“With you, probably,” Eridian smirked, shaking his head in disappointment. “I’m surprised you didn’t lick the cover stone…”

“I may have,” Kavorkian confessed casually looking toward the ceiling with a disappointed shrug.

“Have you ever been to the bakery in the Meadows?” Eridian asked, waiting for Kavorkian to start out of the old guild and back towards the main guild.

“No,” Kavorkian confessed after a thoughtful moment, leading the way back to the area they’d have to stealth past Orkhan.

“It’s a secretive shop,” Eridian explained, securing down all his gear that may make noise. “Find it on the farm. They sell a pastry you can get nowhere else in the realm. It won’t skew your perspective, but it’s something you can’t taste anywhere else.”

“Interesting,” Kavorkian remarked, making a mental note.
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Re: Many Mundane Matters

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“Maccabee,” Karli bid the man as she flew by on her way to the overlooked appointment. “You got an opening in yer schedule to head down to the crypts shortly..?” Karli asked him, slowing to a crawl but not stopping as she stared at him hopefully.

“Sure,” Maccabee replied, shrugging slightly.

“Thank you!” Karli bid him, before heading to the location Giacomo had Jack.

Through the guild and back around again, down a complicated series of paths the combination of which was only known to those who made it their business to discover, Karli arrived at the interrogation location hoping there was still something left of Jack at this point to question. Offering the telling knock on the door, Karli waited a moment more before entering the room.

“Oh fer…” Karli muttered when she saw the state of Jack with Giacomo sat at a desk in the room’s corner with his feet up on it patiently.

“Now what am I supposed to do with that?” Karli asked Giacomo flatly, motioning towards a near lifeless Jack, bloodied, broken, and definitely destined to scar like she had requested.

“I was expecting you a couple of days ago,” Giacomo informed her, dropping his feet back to the floor and standing from his location.

Flying towards Jack, Karli removed her gloves to keep them from getting bloodied. Holding them in her mouth, she maneuvered Jacks head about to check how coherent he was. Noticing his eyes moved, but he still failed to open them, Karli released him and shook her head.

“Oh well,” Karli sighed as she put her gloves back on. “Bag him and follow me…” Karli requested, not able to transport the man herself.

“Like I care if I get dirty,” Giacomo smirked, cutting Jack’s bindings and throwing him over his shoulder to fill the request. “Am I done after this?” he asked with business like appeal.

“Yep,” Karli confirmed leading him and the near dead hostage to their target destination calmly.

“Where we going?” Giacomo asked, not really caring, just curious.

“Guild basement,” Karli nodded, holding a door for them before taking back the lead. “Gonna hold him in the crypts.”

“I don’t think you’ll be able to hold him much longer,” Giacomo shrugged with his free shoulder. “I’m counting his every fifth breath at this point.”

“Not your problem as soon as you drop him there,” Karli reassured him, making the rest of the journey in silence.
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Re: Many Mundane Matters

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“Drop him here,” Karli requested of Giacomo as they reached the crypts and she flew over to one of the vacant sarcophagi. “Face up, preferably,” Karli added when it appeared Giacomo was just going to chuck Jack in anyway he landed.

“I doubt you’ve been feeding him, but what about water?” Karli inquired once Jack was deposited in place and still didn’t stir.

“Last water he had was yesterday,” Giancomo confirmed indifferently. “Enough to keep him alive, no more.”

Nodding, Karli started poking and pulling at Jack to see if she could pull any reaction from him as she sorted out some awkward folds in his gear while checking if anyone missed any hidden pockets. Slapping his face a few times for good measure, Karli then placed her fist against his sternum and tried to make him as uncomfortable as possible. When Jack still failed to react, Karli smiled at Giacomo.

“Thanks,” she bid him. “I got this from here.”

“You sure?” Giacomo asked. “I can finish him for you if you like,” he requested, smiling faintly.

“Nah, it’s fine,” Karli shook her head. “We’re gonna have a lovely discussion until he gives up.”

“Betty ain’t going to be happy over this,” Giacomo remarked matter-of-fact, stepping himself back. “Do you want me to sort her out before that happens?”

“You can go back to your post, we’re good. If she’s due to show up, I’ll let ya know ahead of time. I know everyone is gagging for something to do in these quiet times, but this is hopefully just the start of some harmful fun,” Karli smirked, motioning towards the exit several times.

“Whatever you say, fer now,” Giacomo conceded, finally taking his leave.

Listening to Giacomo leave, Karli stared at Jack Blanco intently, slowly lifting herself off the ground to see fully into his new tomb. Just to confirm she was indeed alone, Karli rubbed her guildmaster ring against her leg to see if it would indicate there were still rogues around. When it only produced the faint aura she expected while being in the guild, she looked about as a final measure. Maccabee would find her soon she hoped, until that point, she had a hostage to murder.

“Jackie, Jack, Jack,” Karli addressed the dieing man conversationally. “If you got any gumption left in ya, I recommend you try and make your escape now,” she advised him, slowly floating from side to side as she observed him.

“You see, I got a hunch about this place. One that won’t work well for you,” she informed him, flying towards him until she was stood back on the floor. “I’m gonna take what’s left of ya, and I would put a few million on the belief that you ain’t walking out of here again. I’m gonna have a chat with yer sister about how you defected to my side and are now spilling her secrets to the inner sanctum.” Patting Jack on the shoulder pleasantly, Karli drew a dull yet calming blade from her belt.

“I’m not heartless though,” Karli sighed, flipping the dagger to reverse the hold she had on it. “I’ll give ya a peaceful death and wait to see if you can prove me wrong ‘n claw yer way back to Senrania. If you don’t do it fast enough, what the G man did to you is gonna pale in comparison to what yer sister’s gonna have in store for you.” Nodding, Karli bent forward and kissed Jack on the forehead where she normally would have carved her mark. “Best of luck, Jack.” Placing the tip of the dagger into the nap of his throat, Karli drove the blade part way through so what little blood Jack had circulating would have an internal destination before staining his new resting place.
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Re: Many Mundane Matters

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“What are you doing..?” Maccabee asked of Karli after several drawn out minutes of observing her staring at one of the sarcophagi.

“Checking something,” Karli replied, laying her hand on the fresh corpse before turning to face Maccabee. “I’m trying to perfect my skills of persuasion and see if I can actually convince someone not to resurrect,” Her smirk slowly warped into an impish grin.

“How? What did you say to them?” Maccabee asked curiously.

“I am not revealing my secrets just like that,” Karli chuckled. “Gonna take a few casks of something and some blatant flattery before I can be tempted.”

“Why did you request me?” Maccabee asked flat out, figuring it best to determine interests and get back to work.

“I’m actually wondering where you hid all your old lore,” Karli confessed, refusing to release Jack and discover he slipped into the dead realms without her knowing. “Before I showed up at the guild, you were the bard in our band of misfits,” she reminded him. “So I want to know if you have anything hidden away that I have yet to see.”

“I’m not sure,” Maccabee shrugged. “We didn’t quite wake up the same as we were before, you know that…” Moving over to a blank piece of wall, Maccabee leaned against it, laying one ankle over the other as he crossed his arms.

“Can you remember what the old guild was like?” Karli asked hopefully, motioning across the room with the hand that wasn’t monitoring Jack. “More to the point as well,” she added quietly, looking towards him regretfully, unsure of the reply she was about to receive. “Do you know how many of these corpses were Dons?” she asked finally, just as quietly as she had begun the musing.

“Dons?” Maccabee asked with a little uncertainty. Something pulled at him through the fog that forced him into a thoughtful expression.

“Wow…” Karli breathed, slightly shocked. “The fog scrambled you good.” Sighing, she took the conversation as a dead end for the moment and turned to stare at Jack who still hadn’t disappeared.

“Overlooking that,” Karli excused the question. “Could you or someone about, make me a skeleton key for a very specific lock?”

“Why not just kit it?” Maccabee asked bluntly.

“It’s magically protected from it,” Karli briefed him. “I would expect it to be at that, it’s a rogue’s house. And before you give me the lecture on stealing from other rogues,” Karli interrupted what he was about to say, grabbing Jack again to address Maccabee. “They are one of the many missing and I want that house as safe keeping, not gains. Same with Isslefur. Everything rogue owned or run should be under our guardianship lest they return.”

“Which house are you after?”

“The one in the North-East corner of Winner’s Way. Merlordd’s,” Karli nodded. “He brought me half up before the guildmaster curse claimed him. In return, let’s make sure one of his swankiest spoils doesn’t fall to ruin.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Maccabee agreed, pushing himself off the wall.

“If anyone gets in there before me and finds any pumpkin wine, don’t touch it,” Karli demanded, smiling curtly.

Nodding, Maccabee turned himself about and left.
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