A tear in the breeze..

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A tear in the breeze..

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"What was the name of that herb they always used tae smoke? Uhh..Femthingy methinks? Oh, I nae know what they saw in it but ye know how some people can be..anyway, ye take care now and be sure tae read up on those elixir recipes! There will be quizes and somesuch later I will warn ye now!"

Herman smiled as one of the few Monk Initiates scowled then hurried off to attend to her new task. She respected her Guildmaster but..he would act so strangely sometimes. Herman shook his head and continued his way into the Gardens.

I forgot so much, but I still remember enough..where did they all go?

He rarely saw another soul, other than the regulars. Brother Kadfail, Brother Sundial, and Brother Sedrick mostly.

They nae look so young themselves any more..when did we all get so old?

Memories of happier times push their way into Herman's mind, insiting that he consider them. For a long time he had wrestled with what he was told by many as the truth. Of Gods, and of history. But they were not his Gods. Nor his history..at least, not all of it.

He remembered one of his first teachers in the Guild, trying to teach Philosophy to the young Herman.

"Truth is not the same for each person. My Truth in the world may be different from yours. It is not a matter of right or wrong, but a different view."

Hrm..the Truth. Perhaps I just misremember these things. Tae speak tae some, it has always been this way. And yet..

He stops by the Lotus Pond and settles down, gazing into the waters. Remembering lessons, and contests, and quizzes. Gardens and hallways and rooms...all full of Monks living and learning...Kwon tournaments..Haikushi contests..Daisho scavenger hunts..

Herman blinked and looked around the garden. It was peaceful..but..lacking the energy that he remembered. He looked away from the pond for a moment, taking a moment to regain his composure. It wasn't often that he let his emotions get the best of him, certainly not in front of others.

Letting out a deep sigh he stared into the water, a resolute look on his face.

As long as I live, I will nae forgot them. My friends, my family, my Guild. My Goddess.
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