The Guild treasury

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The Guild treasury

Post by Marcus »

Dear Guild Members

If you look at the Guild stats we are clearly poor.
Our treasury is low and this makes upgrades difficult

other than this WE DO NOT DO POOR.....
We seriously need to do something about this.

Please as members of the Guild help improve the treasury.

Use the Guilddeposit command

Thank you
Rogues Guildmaster
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Re: The Guild treasury

Post by Sophronia »

*hands a note to the guild guards requesting they deliver it to the Guild Master*

Greeting Marcus,

As one of the only Guild Masters to reply when I took charge of the guild and touched based, I might be able to offer you a solution to your problems.

Firstly, kudos to your guild for keeping this information from me for so long. I heard tale most of the guilds had been drained of their treasuries and may have started poking about to find out the extent. All information is good information, after all.

The Rogue's Guild is not suffering the same fate at current, as such I wish to extend an uncharacteristic hand of brotherhood to you and yours. Many are now able to learn the arts of your guild and although they are limited in their endeavors, it is still worth a donation of thanks in my books. So, do not assume for the moment this is charity.

If you wish to accept my offer, find me at the tavern in Bitterpoint and we'll discuss numbers. Improvements aren't cheap, this isn't my first time filling this seat, after all.

Yes... Sincerely,
Karli Sophronia, Rogues Guildmaster
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