White Robes

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White Robes

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"Greetings, Brother."

Fedallah turned to the voice that spoke, his gaze indifferent as he returned the bow that greeted him. "Greetings... Sister." The last word came after a pause, as if it were from a language new to his tongue.

The young woman so addressed beamed a smile at him. "New to our fold I see."

Fedallah simply nodded, the cool breeze making him aware of the holes in his woolen robe as he turned back to Brother Kadfail and placed a small bag of gold on the counter.

"Looking for a new robe perhaps?" the female monk asked brightly. "Oh, not that you need one or look..." her face reddened as if she realized that her question was presumptuous and possibly insulting.

He turned to her with a dry smile. "Yes, a new robe. And something a bit more effective than this," said as he patted the hilt of his bluesteel katana.

Turning back to the guild Tutor, Fedallah nodded to a white robe as he shrugged his woolen robe off. He turned to leave after donning it.

"Oh, white!" The young woman nodded with a bright smile. "A symbol of purity and the spirit" her eyes brightened.

Fedallah laughed. "Do you think?" His usually indifferent gaze seemed genuinely amused. "I chose it because it will be easily soiled, and show the marks of blood and battle."

The young woman stared, eyebrows wrinkling.

"A reminder that this world is a place of pain and grime and blood and struggle. A reminder not to let ourselves get sullied even as we're forced to wandering in its labyrinths." Fedallah's bemused eyes almost twinkled. "Good day, Sister." He bowed before walking out.

Stepping onto the street, Fedallah paused before walking the shadowed world and exploring what had become his new home. He tucked his old woolen robe under the head of a sleeping beggar, one who had come to the Monk's Guild looking for food and warmth. He drew his new white robe closer around him.
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