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Do you wish to accept these as our Guild Titles?

Poll ended at May 23rd, 2013, 2:11 am

No, and I will post what I would like to change.
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Guild Titles Vote

Post by Khaji »

Greetings brothers and sisters.
Below is the proposed guild titles for our guild. The vote is for both the titles and their colors
(the colors only appear on the first row for visibility).
The vote will run for 30 days, the end time shown on the poll itself.
Please consider carefully if you find the titles fitting for our guild and then vote.
Also if you do not want the titles, please post a message explaining why.

Here are the proposed titles:
LevelMain Guild - CyanHakushi - GreenDaisho - YellowKwon - Red
10Initiate of the Soul
25Student of the Soul
30Student of the DojangInitiate of NatureNovitiate of ScrollsNeophyte of Combat
35Student of MeditationStudent of NaturalismStudent of ScrollsStudent of Combat
40Student of BalanceStudent of HealingStudent of HistoryStudent of Finesse
45Follower of the WayFollower of NatureFollower of LoreFollower of the Fist
50Adept of PathsAdept of NaturalismAdept of ScrollsAdept of Fists
55Adept of PurityAdept of HealingAdept of HistoryAdept of Prowess
60Adept of the SoulSeeker of RemediesSeeker of KnowledgeSeeker of Control
65Adept of the Flying StarMinister of RemediesGuru of ManuscriptsWielder of the Empty Hand
70Adept of DevotionDevotee of CleansingDevotee of LearningDevotee of Celerity
75Adept of HerbalismDevotee of GrowthDevotee of StudiesDevotee of Endurance
80Adept of SpiritCurer of AilmentsAuthor of TomesMentor of Tenacity
85Adept of PowerDevotee of NatureDevotee of WisdomDevotee of Prowess
90Monk of PurityMonk of NatureMonk of KnowledgeMonk of Ferocity
95Monk of Inner PeaceMaster of MedicineMaster TranslatorMaster of the Dojo
100SageMaster of NatureMaster of KnowledgeMaster of Force
105Master of EquilibriumKeeper of the GardensKeeper of the ScrollsKeeper of the Dojo
110Master of the SoulNature's PestleCurator of the ArchivesSensei of Discipline
115Master of MeditationDoctor of HerbloreGuru of CabalismEssence of Resolution
120Master of SpiritDeacon of TreatmentsSteward of WisdomMentor of Brawn
125Master of EquilibriumArchibishop of TherapiesGuardian of SecretsPowerhouse of Control
130Master of PathsCardinal of NatureScholar of PhilosophySensei of the Empty Hand
135Devoted MasterGrandmaster of HerbloreGrandmaster of LoreGrandmaster of Ferocity
140True MasterGrandmaster of NatureGrandmaster of WisdomGrandmaster of Force
145Divine SoulSaint of NatureSaint of KnowledgeSaint of Might
150Enlightened OneNature's SpiritSavant of WisdomRighteous Fist
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