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Guild Charter

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Greetings brothers and sisters,

Together with brother Baraspaur I've made some changes to the proposed charter.
Please write here if you think there is anything that needs changing.
Otherwise in a fortnight I'll make a new poll for the charter.

The charter is:
This charter contains general guidelines for members of
the Monk's Guild of Moorgate. These guidelines are to
be followed when it is possible within the boundaries
of your own being. It is understood that we are all
individuals, and we must follow our own path; however,
there must be a guiding light for those who have lost
their way and those who are seeking a way. It must also
be understood that these are the suggestions and
pointers that have been proven effective and wise, and
blatant disregard of these will have serious repercussions,
such as the removal of guild ranks or even banishment
from the guild!

1. The guild is a place for all to enjoy and develop
themselves. With this in mind, it is of utmost
importance that we accept one another and treat each
other with the respect we ALL deserve. It matters not
who or what path a Guild Member chooses; he or she is a
Monk, of our Guild, of our Family, and should be
treated as such. This respect should also reflect in
our responses to non-guild members; they too are
members of our society, and shed blood on the same
ground in defense of Moorgate. Above all, we are
adventurers in this island of Cosrin, and we should
strive for fellowship with all.

2. All guild members should be aware of the effect
their actions may have on the guild, and all should
strive to promote the guild and the guilds beliefs at
all opportunities: brotherhood, spirituality, and

3. Worship of all immortals and divine beings should be
respected by all monks. While the worshipping of gods is
not required of a member of the guild, many find their
inspiration in the divines, and as such should be respected.
The exception is if such worship brings harm to others.
In such a case one can do as they see fit so long as it does
not break the other rules of this guild.

4. Members of the Monks guild of Moorgate should try at
all times to be helpful to those that need assistance.
This should include helping those that may be lost to find
Their feet in the lands, whether it be through the member's
knowledge of the lands or even physical or magical aid.
We should all strive to be of assistance to others when
this does not infringe upon our own interests and aims.
We reap what we sow.

5. All members of the guild should take time to get to
know each other, as through understanding we only
strengthen the guild. If you have questions, feel free
to ask the guild officers for aid, and should you see a
newer member having problems try and take time to help
them. If you are unable to help them, please
contact a Guild Officer and they will see to the young

6. The guild strongly disapproves of the killing of innocents.
Furthermore, the guild is a safe haven for all souls in
need and we should try our utmost to protect those
seeking our help and sanctuary. Monks should never
physically attack anyone within the guild,
except to defend the Guild from attack.

7. In the event that the guild comes under attack from
outside forces, ALL members are expected to defend the
guild in whatever way possible, whether this be through
healing the defenders, strengthening the defenders with
spells, or joining in repelling the attacking

8. All guild members are expected to follow and respect
the laws of the land and at all times. Furthermore,
if infractions are seen, should notify the city authorities,
or failing that, a Guild Officer as soon as possible.

9. All members of the guild should read the guild
boards whenever possible and are encouraged to share
their discoveries and other non-confidential information
on these boards.

10. All members are expected to try and find peaceful
solutions to problems they have with other residents
of this island of Cosrin. Members are encouraged
to seek out Guild Officers to mediate, if necessary,
before resorting to Physical or verbal attacks,
as this does more to harm your cause than help it.
Please note, physical attacks on other members of
the guild are unacceptable unless that member poses
a physical threat to someone.

11. The making of various pastes, scrolls and other
items is a scared gift given to us through learning
and discipline. Abuse of these items will not be
allowed as it might harm the guild as a whole.

12. Finally remember the Guild Officers are here to
help you, and are there to serve you and the guild. So
please don't ever be shy when you have any problem or
question. Have fun exploring this wondrous
land of Cosrin!
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