Welcome to the Monks' Guild!

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Welcome to the Monks' Guild!

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-A cleanly cut sheaf of bamboo paper is pinned to the public Guild Board, the tattooed man unrolling it and pinning the bottom portion of the paper, his hands smoothing out the paper gently. He stepped back and appraised his work with a nod.-

Welcome to the Guild!

My name is Zeya - And myself and many other senior members strive to ensure a productive and efficient Guild, no matter the reason you are here. If you have any questions, concerns, or just wish to have someone to speak to, you can always find me around the guild or in Moorgate. In the next few sections, I will list some useful resources for newer members of the guild.

http://www.legendsofcosrin.com/monks_kwon.shtml Information Regarding the Dojang of the Kwon. The Monks of the Isle are peerless in their hand to hand combat and mastery of the Katana.

http://www.legendsofcosrin.com/monks_haikushi.shtml Information Regarding the more peaceful ways of our Guild. The Dojang of the Haikushi is an important path - Many of our own focus their efforts to the healing of others and nature. It is not uncommon to find a Guild Member tending to the sick and wounded in town.

http://www.legendsofcosrin.com/monks_daisho.shtml Information Regarding arguably our most important path within the guild. Without the Dojang of the Daisho our history and records would be muddled at best. The Dojang of the Daisho is not only for scribes however, they are masterful artists, and no small practitioners of minor arcane knowledge, capable of mimicking some of the realm's strongest spells. (The information in this link is highly outdated. None of the names are valid in A New Dawn.)

http://www.legendsofcosrin.com/monks_ma ... ions.shtml This is a simple write up of..Well. You should know this already. This is still good information for everyone.

http://www.legendsofcosrin.com/monks_guide.shtml Perhaps the most important thing to read in this whole document. This is solid gouge.

As always, I will strive to keep our own records and information up to date, and to update the old information contained within this scroll. I will continue to add onto this as time goes on, and will happily accept any additional input from my fellow Monks.

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