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Social Sites & MUD Listings

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Over the last few weeks we have been working on improving the online presence of Cosrin: A New Dawn.

New social sites have been created, old MUD listings have been updated, and new MUD listings have been created at some of the newer or more popular ranking sites. While this is in no manner the end of our efforts, we have recently seen some interest or presence by a few new players appearing, citing the listing sites as how they heard about the game.

We will continue to add the game and website to additional listing and ranking sites in an effort to "get the name out there" as well as looking for appropriate places and methods for utilizing some of the stipend we have for advertising. Some of the sites allow free banners to be put in a random rotation, so we have done there were possible, which will randomly show up for visitors of the sites.

Another way to increase our online presence is by actually getting out there and voting. Every bit helps in this regard, as more traffic gives us both a better chance to be seen, larger in-game presence for people who are coming by, and a larger pool of people who can then vote for the game itself. In most cases it is against the listing terms to grant benefits/provide perks to players for voting, so this is an effort that needs to be driven by each of our own desire to see the game become more populous, more interactive, and overall more enjoyable.

If you see a new player and have a few minutes to spare, see if they could use any help. This could be as simple as just sending them a quick tell or perhaps even heading over to the Adventurers' Guild and interacting with them directly. But most importantly, try not to assume that if you see a new player that is must be an alternate character for a regular player - this might be true in some cases, but we hope to make this less the case as time marches forward.

The odds these days are that if someone is trying their hand at the game, they may well be experienced with MUDs already - so how they feel in the early stages of logging in may well make the difference in whether they stick around for a few minutes or even log in a second time. Obviously we want as many people as possible to enjoy the game with, and there are many things that we must do on the staff side to both improve and increase the new player experience; however, on the player side, simply saying hello may make all the difference in the world.

Social Sites: MUD Listings: All of the listing sites allow voting and will help raise our presence on their respective sites. If you know of any other popular sites, please let us know either in game via wish, an email, or a PM on the forums and we will work on adding a listing to those sites as well.

Finally, as we start off, the social sites will mostly be used to cross-post announcements, contests, and upcoming events to help increase visibility to players both old, new, and potential that do not regularly frequent the forums or the game but are still connected to the Cosrin community via Google+ or Facebook and friends.

We welcome any suggestions for improving the ways in which we can utilize these accounts to be support the community.