Staffing Opportunity

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Staffing Opportunity

Post by Admin » August 19th, 2013, 12:18 am

In a departure from the way staffing Cosrin: A New Dawn is traditionally handled, we are providing an opportunity for all interested parties to submit an application to become a member of the Cosrin Staff Team. This deviation from the norm is due primarily to a high need for additional, roleplay-oriented staff members.

While technical knowledge, knowledge of the mechanics of the game, or a long history as a player of Legends of Cosrin and Cosrin: A New Dawn are valuable, they are not the primary focus of the positions being filled. As such, these will be considered purely as secondary to roleplay-based merits.

Staff appointments in the future will very likely not be held in this manner.

Application Details:
  • The application period will remain open until 00:01 GMT -6 on 01 September 2013.
  • Only applications which represent a single person will be considered valid.
  • All applications should be emailed to with a carbon copy to, no exceptions.
  • Cosrin Staff members may ask for clarification or expansion on information made in your email, which must be responded to by the application deadline above, assuming the question is posed no later than 00:01 GMT -6 on 27 August 2013. All responses must be made as a reply all, no exceptions.
  • The application should, in detail and at a minimum, make clear the following:
    • Why you are best suited for the position, without mention of any other potential candidates.
    • What game changes, improvements, or enhancements you are willing to drive forward, as well as how they will improve the game as a whole.
    • How and what you will do as a staff member to facilitate and enhance roleplay, both for large-scale events as well as player to player interaction.
    • How many hours per week, on average, will you be willing to put into duties required of you as a staff member? How many hours per week, on average, will you be willing to put into roleplay and player interaction (whether visible or otherwise)?
    • Anything else of importance regarding your desire to fulfill the role of staff member.
Voting Details:
  • After the application period closes, voting will take place and be completed by 00:01 GMT -6 on 14 September 2013.
  • Voting will be performed privately by Staff Council.
  • Voting by staff will be based on the criteria as defined in the application details section above with the intent to select the best candidate(s) for additions to the staff team, with emphasis placed on the ability to enhance and progress the state of the game through roleplay and player interaction.
  • In the event of a tie, Admin will provide the tie breaking vote.
Staff Member Primary Responsibilities:
  • Be capable of putting time and effort into the game for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Be capable of generating and driving roleplay as a visible entity as well as through assisting players behind the scenes.
  • Be open to creating and running events and contests for the game, to promote player interaction and activity.
  • Be willing to help all players of the game, essentially providing a "customer service" style role through wishes and chats.
  • Be capable of reading and posting on the forums, both public to players and private between guildmasters and staff on a continual basis.
Staff Member Preconditions (Mandatory):
  • All accepted candidates must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to joining the team.
  • All accepted candidates may be subject to a background check at the expense and effort of Online Games Company, Inc.
  • All accepted candidates must be capable of and willing to provide the following details:
    • A goverment-issued photo identification or equivalent.
    • Proof of current residence.