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Legends of Cosrin Website

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Shortly after the initial launch of Cosrin: A New Dawn in October of 2011, the decision was made for the it to be a completely separate sandbox from the original Legends of Cosrin. The goal was to allow for a single-time transfer of characters and then begin changing and iterating from there to progress the game into a more modern era of gaming.

Despite the setback due to hardware failure in April of 2012, we have made many appropriate strides in this direction of keeping the game moving forward. During most of this, Legends of Cosrin was left up as a place for nostalgia and players who simply did not enjoy the changes in Cosrin: A New Dawn. This, however, proved to be just an empty-running server.

Until the server was taken offline due to a power outage and not returned to service, the server had - expectantly - near zero login activity and mostly served as a means for confusing old players, or dismaying them when they returned to see no active players or staff and a completely barren list of players on recent.

In our continued effort to ensure previous players are able to find Cosrin: A New Dawn, even if they have only ever experienced Legends of Cosrin, the following changes are going into effect:
  • The old website has now been configured to respond to HTTP requests with a Status Code 302 to the new website.
  • In most browsers, this will be completely automatic. For older or incompatible browsers, you will see a simple message stating that the page has been moved and providing a link to the new website.
  • This should be true for all web pages on the old site, not just the home page, in case a previous player has specific pages bookmarked.
  • The old forums have been left available, but user registration has been disabled. The announcement regarding the new website has been made permanent for any who go there directly.
  • Finally, the DNS entry for the old game server will be updated to point to the new game server, which will bring any previous players with old clients, or players following an outdated mud listing, to the new game.
As one final note regarding the old forums, these are being left up purely as a method of posterity for the efforts that old staff and players went through over the years, as well as to document the engine and content changes which took place for Cosrin: A New Dawn prior to the move to its own website.

Additionally, the private forums, after vetting by the staff team, will be opened up over time to allow for full access to all player-related discussions and topics, most of which have long since passed their prime of needing to remain secret.

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you may speak with any staff member in game via wishes, or email me directly at admin@cosrintwo.com.

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