Suspension Policy

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Suspension Policy

Post by Admin » October 29th, 2013, 7:21 pm

One area in which Legends of Cosrin served as a point of confusion and frustration was that no specific policies were in place for suspension duration. Another being the over-excessive enforcement to the point at which all enjoyment was bottled, manufactured, and controlled down to canned phrases which were acceptable and which were not.

For the latter, we have maintained that the community understands the policies that are in place; that the policies themselves are clear, concise, and complete; and that the enforcement of them is done when it is appropriate to do so. For as much as you do not wish to be burdened by the policies and rules of the game, it is equivalent that we do not wish to spend our time being required to police and enforce for every little thing.

We would much rather be spending our time and effort improving the game, adding to the roleplay atmosphere, and generally enjoying what Cosrin: A New Dawn has to offer - and we hope you do as well.

For the former, we now have a guideline in place, as well as support within the engine for tracking infractions. There are a few key components to this system, but we believe you will find it to be more liberal, better defined, and a fair system overall.

Points of interest for the new system:
  • Permanent suspensions are a means of last resort and not the de facto course of action. Extremely flagrant violations may result in an immediate escalation to this step; however, typical violation will result in following the Punishment Pyramid*.
  • When receiving a suspension, you will be notified via email (assuming you have provided valid details on your character), of the suspension as well as the date and time at which it will be lifted.
  • You no longer need to request or prostrate yourself to have the suspension lifted after a period of time - this is now something you can depend on, so long as you do not receive a permanent suspension. You will receive an email when the suspension has been lifted.
  • All suspensions are treated on a per-character basis such that infractions on other characters will not be considered into the length of a suspension on a different character.
  • Excessive rule violation, as determined by OGC, may result in a specific player being considered a persona non gratis which supersedes this system and will result in all known characters past, present, and future being permanently suspended on sight.
  • All appeals must be sent to Other Cosrin Staff members are unable to overrule or lift a suspension that has been levied.
  • Character power reductions as a result of a suspension are meant to be a punishment. They are excessively large and scale with your time and effort placed within the game. This helps to ensure that new players are not blindsided while veterans receive an appropriately painful reminder that the policy is to be followed at all times.
Description of Escalating Punishment:
Suspension CountDurationGuild Rank Reduction+Gold Reduction-
1st Suspension1 Week15%25%
2nd Suspension2 Weeks25%45%
3rd Suspension4 Weeks35%65%
4th Suspension8 Weeks45%85%
5th SuspensionPermanent100%100%

*: Not actually a pyramid.

+: Differences between land level and guild rank in excess of 5 will result in the guild rank adjustment being based on the character's land level.

-: Gold reduction is not necessarily based on the gold stored on the character but may instead by levied against any mule or centralized gold storage characters at the discretion of Admin.

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you may speak with any staff member in game via wishes, or email me directly at

Cosrin Staff