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Greetings, everyone. It has been a while.

Like all old things, it is unfortunate though wise to desire to prepare for their end. I am writing to ask about what steps may have been taken, will be taken, or can be taken to help preserve Cosrin for those that have enjoyed it. I believe I understand that the operation of the game is now run independently of OGC, while they still provide the backbone systems running the game and also handle the billing. Development, however, has been passed on to non-staff members that run semi-autonomously (which sounds great).

In the event of the departure of OGC for some reason, are there any plans in place to keep the game running outside of their umbrella? It is unlikely that this can legally happen without anything in place on OGC's end to transfer the intellectual property (IP) and assets to a third party upon OGC ceasing to exist. While we would all love to hope for ample warning to allow this process to take place should OGC decide to wind down, the reality is that there may be little-to-no warning when this happens and Cosrin may just disappear.

Has there been any discussion about transferring Cosrin's IP and assets to a third-party for safekeeping or further operation should OGC dissolve? I would like to add myself as an interested acquisition party if there is ever thought of shutting the game down or transferring its operation elsewhere. I would also be interested in acting solely as a preservationist of sorts, should the IP/assets not be transferred to a third party for continued operation, but for preservation of memories. Like many of you, I have been playing (off and on, for sure) for a large number of years (since 1998, I believe) and would hate for the digital embodiment of these memories to just... go away without warning at some point.

Ultimately, I want those that can make decisions aware of the fact that Cosrin is loved and that there is someone (possibly many someones?) interested in keeping the game operating, or at least making some form of its memory available forever. Do not let Cosrin become a burden. I would be happy to help lift this away if it ever feels like Cosrin is becoming burdensome.

With that said, I would still love for a reply at least assuring me that the game is being backed up and has some sort of disaster recovery/legal plan about what happens in the future should the current operators disappear or dissolve.

Thank you!

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Re: Continuity/Preservation

Post by Fumpy »

Merry Christmas!!

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Re: Continuity/Preservation

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Hi Martiner,

Thanks for your post, I'll address the concerns you have raised:

Cosrin: A New Dawn is still wholly owned and operated by OGC. The game Admin (Myself) is a volunteer role and Development is carried out by OGC staff. I can make requests for development to OGC and they can implement changes that will benefit the overall system (i.e - improvements to the engine that do not effect core game mechanics)

OGC are committed to keeping Cosrin: A New Dawn operating for the foreseeable future. As far as I am aware the operating costs are minimal. If, for whatever reason, this stance changes. I will endeavor to work with players, staff and OGC to keep Cosrin: A New Dawn operating.

There has been no discussion regarding transfer of IP to a third party that I am aware of.

I can assure you that there is a robust backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

I hope this is of some comfort.



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Re: Continuity/Preservation

Post by Carron »

As a new player, I'm really glad to read something like this. Keep up the great work!

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