The Newbie's Guide to Cosrin!

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The Newbie's Guide to Cosrin!

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Cosrin: A New Dawn is a MUD (text-based multiplayer RPG) like you've never seen before. It runs on a completely custom engine so throw all of your MUD preconceptions aside and give this game a chance. This newbie guide will teach you all you need to know, starting with the fundamentals and ending with some tips and tricks to help you during your stay here.

The game has an unlimited FREE trial that implements a few limitations on your characters, but we'll get into that later. Just know that Cosrin will cost you nothing to try, so why not give it a go? Plenty of us love the game and maybe you will too.

Client Download
Before you start, you'll want to download the client. It's possible to play Cosrin with a third-party client (there are a few good ones still in circulation) but I think the main client is best.

When the client is installed, run it and click New to begin creating a new character. If you already have a character, just sign in normally.

For more serious client configuration, check the final section in this guide.

Creating a Character
Now let's create your first character. The process is very simple as you won't find the detail of character customization as you would in other MUDs. However, there are ways to customize your description once in game.

You'll need to enter a Name, a Class, and a Race. Make sure your name properly fits into a fantasy world or else the admins may ask you to change it.

Class is important. It will determine which skills are easier for you to train and which ones are more difficult. Classes also start with a starter set of skills so pick one that fits your intended style of play. At this point, you probably don't know what you want so feel free to experiment.

Newbie Recommendations: Ranger, Fighter, or Berserker

As for race, it matters but it doesn't really matter. Certain races start out with an extra level in a few skills and each race has bonuses/penalties to stats, but ultimately it won't matter enough to hinder your gameplay. Race selection should be up to your selection or RP preference.

Truth be told, you might not like the first character or two that you create. That's fine. Create a few and see which ones you like playing.

Learning to Read Selectively
Before we dive into Cosrin, let me add a short word about text-based games. If you've played other MUDs before, you can skip this section.

At first, a lot of text will scroll by and you'll feel overwhelmed. Don't be. A lot of the text you see will be static and you won't need to read every single word that scrolls by.

One skill that you'll develop while you play is pattern recognition. The big blob of words, phrases, and colors will be disorienting but soon you'll learn to pick out important pieces of information. Conversely, you'll learn to ignore the unimportant bits. Cosrin might look scary at first, but it isn't when you acclimate.

The important thing is that you stick with it. After a day, maybe two, it'll come more naturally to you. That's when you'll start getting comfortable.

To minimize being overwhelmed, you may want to open multiple windows so important lines are filtered. This way you don't miss them. Check the final section in this guide for more information on that.

Introductory Tour
Now that you have a character created, you'll be presented with the option of going through an introduction to Cosrin. You can do this by typing NEW. Otherwise, you can skip by typing SKIP.

It's highly recommended that you go through this introduction. It won't take you very long and it will walk you through the fundamental commands and concepts of Cosrin. It'll teach you how to navigate, how to communicate, how to interact with shops, how to fight, and how to complete quests. Plus, at the end, you'll get an adventurer's badge which you'll need later. If you skip, you'll have to quest for the badge instead.

Even if you've played MUDs before, you should go through it once. Cosrin, again, is a custom engine so it differs a bit. You won't regret it.

Your First Real Quest
When you finish the introduction, you'll end up in Moorgate, the main city in Cosrin. Moorgate is everyone's home city and you won't be leaving its walls until at least level 15. Get comfortable!

First thing you want to learn is the RECALL command. Doing so will send you straight to the Moorgate Center no matter what you're doing. Use this command when you're in trouble. It only works when you're level 20 or below, so take advantage of it.

Now it's time to join the Adventurer's Guild.

From Moorgate Center, go 10 West and 1 North (10w 1n) then type SHOW QUEST. John Ironchin will tell you that he wants a four leaf clover and that you can find it by going 1 South and 3 West (1s 3w).

When you see it, type GET CLOVER and return to John Ironchin. PACK the items in your hands (type INV or INVENTORY to see or EQUIP to exclude the backpack) and HOLD CLOVER. Then, type OFFER.

Congrats! You completed your first real quest and now you're in the Adventurer's Guild.

The Adventurer's Guild
The Adventurer's Guild is where you'll be spending your first few levels. It has everything you need at this point:
  • Dr. Crippen: Performs services such as Heal for when you're low on HP.
  • Dibbler: If you want to sell an item, go here. He'll buy most items off of your hands.
  • Zorsican: Sells some basic equipment (don't buy anything here) as well as teaches skills and spells. More on this below.
  • Two-Hands: A barman who sells alcoholic drinks. These drinks are purely for RP reasons. The Beginner Dungeon is located under the bar.
  • Beginner Dungeon: Full of level 1 monsters that give great gold and experience. Stay here until level 4.
  • The Catacombs: The first real dungeon. Don't enter here until level 4. You'll need to come here when you want to join one of the main guilds.
Your First Skills
There are a lot of skills and spells in Cosrin and it can be difficult to know which ones to learn in what order. Here's the basic guideline I use for my characters.

The absolute most important skills are Physical Training and Spiritual Karma. PT determines how much HP you gain when you level up and how much HP you regen per tick. SK is the same thing except for SP. You'll want to max both of these as soon as you can as often as you can because you stop gaining HP/SP on levels after 50.

After that, you'll want to learn your main attack skill, which will be one of the following: One Handed Weapons, Two Handed Weapons, Missile Weapons, Unarmed Combat, or Sorcery Spell Use. Increasing these will lower your unbalanced time during combat.

After that, Riding is pretty important for melee characters. Secondary combat skills like Called Shot, Multiple Attacks, Warcraft, and Stunning Blow are important for weapon fighters.

For spellcasters, spend your build points on maxing out one of the first-tier offensive spells: either Fireflames, Chill, or Zap.

Once you've maxxed everything above, you can start branching out into other skills. Most of them are useful, some of them are not. Ask questions to guild members (we'll cover that in an upcoming section) and they'll help you out.

Combat Basics
If you went through the Cosrin introduction, then you have an idea of what combat is like. Here's a detailed overview just in case.
  • Melee Combat: When wielding a melee weapon, you must ADVANCE (or AD) a monster before you can ATTACK (or A) it. Advancing will cause you to be unbalanced, so one basic tactic is to wait until the monster advances you first. That way you can immediately attack without having to wait for unbalanced time. This will not work against monsters who are ranged, such as Orcs and Kobolds.
  • Ranged Combat: When wielding a ranged weapon, you do not need to be advanced in order to attack. With a ranged weapon, just issue the ATTACK command when you're in the same room as a monster.
  • Spell Combat: For a spell attack, you do not need to be advanced. First CAST your spell (type CAST # where the # is the one in the SPELLS list) then issue the TARGET (or T) command.
  • Target Selection: If you're fighting multiple monsters, you can specify which monster you want to attack by indicating the monster's name after the command: ATTACK GOBLIN. The same goes for spells: TARGET GOBLIN. You can also signify a particular monster by using a number. For example, ATTACK 2 will attack the second monster. Same goes for TARGET 2.
  • Charging: If you are riding a mount, you can issue the CHARGE (or CH) command to simultaneously ADVANCE and ATTACK a monster. Doing so will strike with a much more powerful attack at the expense of a higher unbalanced time. Charge damage is influenced by the Riding skill. The manual selection of monsters works with the CHARGE command too.
  • Aiming: After learning the Called Shot skill, you can start using the AIM command in place of ATTACK. Doing so will strike with a much more powerful attack at the expense of a higher unbalanced time and a little less accuracy. Aim damage is influenced by the Called Shot skill. The manual selection of monsters works with the AIM command too.
  • Retreating: Suppose you're in over your head and you want to escape? Use the RETREAT (or RE) command. It will make you unbalanced for 2 seconds but disengage you from all monsters that are advanced on you. If you indicate a direction, you can retreat and move simultaneously: RETREAT NORTH (or RE N).
With this knowldge, enter the Beginner Dungeon under the bar and fight the monsters until level 4. Get used to the combat until it feels second nature.

If you die, don't fret! It's a natural part of Cosrin and people die all the time. When it happens, you will lose half of your gold as well as some experience. Gold in the bank is safe. Players can resurrect you and salvage some lost experience, but don't count on it. Type DIE to be reborn in the Plane of Rebirth.

DO NOT go Down from the Plane of Rebirth. Go Up instead. Going Down will take you to Dead Moorgate which is a hellhole that you can't escape unless you figure out the quest that returns you to real Moorgate.

Interacting With Shops
Shops can sell any combination of the following: items, skills, spells, or services. The introductory tour does a good job getting you acquainted with shops, but here's a rundown of commands that you can read when you need a refresher.
  • SHOW ITEMS/SKILLS/SPELLS/SERVICES: Displays a list of all the things the shopkeeper has for sale or has for teaching.
  • DESCRIBE #: For an item shop, this will display details on that particular item in the shop.
  • BUY #: Purchases the specified item.
  • SELL <item>: Sells the item called <item> from your inventory to the shop.
  • APPRAISE <item>: Attempts to determine the value of an item in your inventory.
  • LEARN #: Learns the specified skill from the teacher.
  • SCRIBE #: Learns the specified spell from the teacher.
Choosing a Guild
Once you hit level 4 in the Beginner Dungeon, you'll want to start thinking about which guild you want to join. Every character can join the Adventurer's Guild and one other guild. Each guild teaches a specialized set of skills and/or spells and guild membership is for life, so choose carefully.

Technically, any class/race combination can join any guild without restriction. The class recommendations below are just for newbies. The directions are from Moorgate Center.

Fighters Guild: Specializes in physical combat with weapons, including One Handed Weapons, Two Handed Weapons, and Missile Weapons. There are three subguilds dedicated to each of these expertises.
  • Good for Fighters, Berserkers, and Rangers.
  • Directions: 6w 2s 1e
Mages Guild: Specializes in magic of all kinds, including Sorcery Spell Use, Naturalism Spell Use, and Magic Spell Use. Lots and lots of versatility here. Home to pretty much every caster.
  • Good for Sorcerers, Shamans, Wizards, and Battlemages.
  • Directions: 6w 7n 1w
Rogues Guild: Specializes in trickery, deception, thievery, and assassination. Not as good at One Handed Weapons as the Fighters Guild, but definitely not bad either.
  • Good for Fighters and Thieves.
  • Directions: 5s 3e 1s
Monks Guild: Specializes in Unarmed Combat, Naturalism Spell Use, and Herbalism. Strong fighters that can cast some defensive spells and create pastes, which have multiple uses and are in high demand.
  • Good for Monks.
  • Directions: 5n 2e 1s
In order to join a guild, you must fulfill the guild's entry quest. These quests will send you into The Catacombs either to kill a specific creature, find a certain item, or both. Don't worry, though. The Catacombs are full of signs that will point you in the right direction. Be sure to READ SIGN. Once you join a guild, explore it as much as you can so you know what to expect.

NOTE: Mages will need to fly in order to retrieve their guild entry item.

Guild Portals
One fundamental aspect of every guild is the concept of the guild portal. But first, let's talk about guildlevels.

Your character's level is often referred to as the landlevel. As you adventure, you can GUILDTITHE anywhere from 0% to 75% of your experience towards your guildlevel, which cannot surpass your landlevel.

Why would you want to do this? Because guildlevels determine which guild portals you can enter, and guild portals are important because higher tiers of training are only available behind these guild portals. This works to keep characters on a somewhat balanced path of progression as they adventure through Cosrin.

Therefore, it's important to keep your guildlevel and your landlevel at the same rank (or at least close to one another). Don't forget to GUILDTITHE!

...What Now?
At this point, you fought in the Beginner Dungeon up to level 4 and joined a guild, which should put you at level 5. Where do you go from here?
  • The Catacombs: This place will be your hunting ground until around level 9. Spend this time learning the intricacies of combat, mapping your way around Moorgate, and speaking with other players.
  • Moorgate Quests: The streets of Moorgate are full of quests waiting to be completed. The streets are also where you can find various items that are used to solve these quests. These quests are good experience if you complete them before level 10.
  • The Fortress: Located 9s 1w from Moorgate Center. The monsters here are a bit tougher than the Catacombs so be careful. You can come here before level 9 if you're feeling confident. The loot is much better, too.
  • Adventurer's Badge: Before the guards will let you out of Moorgate, you will need an adventurer's badge. If you completed the introductory tour, you will have one already. Otherwise, you'll need to quest for one. There are a few ways to earn it, but the easiest is to kill a certain mob in the Fortress and offer his gem in a quest (only available before level 10).
  • Kobold Lair: Located 12e 1ne 1n 1e from Moorgate Center. This place is festering with Kobolds with the occasional Troll and Wyvern. Good and safe experience between levels 12 to 16.
  • The Causeways: The roads leading out of both Moorgate exits (north and east) are called the Causeways and they're roaming with monsters. Some will put you to sleep, others will stun you, and still others will confuse you. You can start hunting here around level 15 if you're careful and it'll take you up to 20, maybe even 25 albeit slowly.
More leveling spots to be added later.

Notable Locations
This is a quick lookup guide for finding important spots and landmarks in Moorgate.
Tips and Tricks
And now for some miscellaneous tips and tricks that will come in handy during your time in Cosrin:
  • Remember to RECALL when you're lost or dying. This stops working once you hit level 6, so take advantage!
  • Buy rings of recall from the Adventurer's Guild or guildrings from your main guild shop. ACTIVATE them (you can do so while wearing them) to immediately recall to Moorgate Center or your guild hall. These rings are one-time-use so you'll need to restock them.
  • Buy a mount from the Moorgate Stables (2se from Moorgate Center) if you're a melee combatant. Charging is extremely useful, especially against ranged monsters. The stubborn mule is extremely cheap and will serve you well until you can afford a mount from your guild.
  • Use the REST command to regen more HP/SP every tick. Ticks occur once every minute so it's important to get the most out of each one.
  • Visit the Healing Shrine (9w 1s from Moorgate Center) often. You'll recover HP/SP faster here. Plus, people tend to congregate here when they aren't doing anything else so it's a good place to strike up roleplay.
  • Let monsters advance you before you attack them, then retreat before they hit you. Repeat this to kill monsters while taking minimal damage.
  • Use RE <direction> to simultaneously retreat from a monster and move rooms. Example: RE N
  • When a player or monster enters a room in a hostile area, there's a chance a monster will spawn. Therefore, you can walk back and forth between rooms to force monsters to spawn. This is called luring and is a necessary part of hunting.
  • Multiple commands can be chained together with double semicolons (;;). For example: w;;e;;w;;e will go west, east, west, and east. The max length of a chain is 6 commands.
  • Use macros to reduce the inconvenience of highly repetitive actions (such as luring). HELP MACRO for more information.
  • The REPEAT (or R) command will repeat the very last command you entered. If you entered a chain, it will repeat the last command of the chain.
  • Items in both left and right hand can be combined together using the MIX command. This is the basis of Cosrin's crafting system. HELP MIX for more information.
  • Certain items can be broken into its components with the BREAK command. Not all items can be broken.
  • Use MESSAGE <name> <message> to leave a message for a player even if they're offline. Type MESSAGES to see pending messages sent to you.
  • FOLLOW <name> will cause you to follow a player, creating a group. GROUP will show the HP/SP/Status of all players in the group.
  • INFORM will share your HP/SP with everyone in the room.
  • GNOTICES are set by your guild master and may contain important information. Check it regularly in case it changes.
  • CLEAN will clear the room of all items on the floor. Be careful not to clean away any important items because there's no way to get them back.
  • When your guild has guildluck, you will have an easier time hunting monsters and you will gain more experience while doing so. GUILDLUCK to see which guild currently has luck. GUILDLOG to see the recent history of luck changes.
  • Guildluck lasts on average 6 hours and will randomly switch to another guild when the duration runs out.
  • If you level up during your (in-game) birthday or during guildluck, you will gain more HP/SP/BP.
  • The Multiple Attacks skill grants a chance for you to strike more than once in a row. The max chain is 3 strikes except for Monk class using Unarmed Combat where the max chain is 6 strikes.
  • If you're bored, gamble some of your gold using the BET command.
  • The FLAGS command will show the configuration of all of your system flags. Customize these to your preference.
  • REMEMBER can be used to remember up to 10 locations in your character's memory. These locations are necessary when using the Teleport spell.
Free vs. Subscription
While you can play Cosrin indefinitely as a free player, there are some perks available to players who subscribe to the game.

These perks do not provide any specific advantages in the functional aspects of combat or gameplay and are absolutely not necessary to get full enjoyment or functionality from the game itself.

To read about how to subscribe and what you get for subscribing, browse the page here.

Client Settings
To be filled out at a later date.
  • Profiles:
  • Windows:
  • Macros:
  • Highlights:
  • Scripts:
Admin Edit: Updated the free vs. subscription section to reflect Cosrin's transition to 100% free to play.
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Re: The Newbie's Guide to Cosrin!

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Well done, well written. You should submit this to the wiki already if you haven'[t already done so -

I'll speak to you in-game to compensate you for putting together this great newbie guide!

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