Dear New Legends!

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Dear New Legends!

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So, Avron and Ghorn and Gustav and Iliriel and Iovita and Malrin and Quin and Zichten (I hope I didn't miss anyone),

I have really enjoyed all of the fun that you have been sparking in game in the past week or so. It's been a pleasure interacting with you and has made me want to stop in much more frequently, just to see what's going on. I love how I now feel like I have no idea what might happen next, instead of logging in and finding that the only people around are just hunting and half-awake, and having to try to create some fun for myself (or resigning myself to doing a little work on leveling every now and again). So thank you!

And of course Binx and Felix, this goes for you two as well, fantastic as always. :)

(And you too, 'Min)

(And I still feel like I'm missing someone but I hope not)

(And also of course on the players' side, Thordin and Grohm and Lothaine and Doc and Flea and Corvek and Khaji and Zeya and Namos and Jarlaxle and Last and oh gosh, this is pretty dangerous starting to list names, isn't it? But thanks to everyone who has taken some time to roleplay with me recently. It's made things fun again.)

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Re: Dear New Legends!

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We're glad that you're enjoying your time in game, and especially that you're finding more reason to log in with the hopes of enjoying yourself.

We have many more plans and plots and schemes in store to keep things interesting!

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