That old game: your character's traits and details!

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Mountain Zen
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That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Mountain Zen »

An oldy but a fun way to gain some information about characters you interact with which can help open up rps.

I'll go first:

Character name:

aka: mountain zen, Mr Diamonds, Myrtle's ward!

Race: Dwarf (the best race naturally)

Class: Shaman!

Brief bio: Once he was a cracked boulder which a tree grew within, a part of a Mountain. Then the Immortal Myrtle formed him into the race known as Dwarf. Devout follower and preacher of Myrtle (Goddess of Nature).

Nature, speaking to trees.

Hates: Tinkers who mechanize forestry works, shame on them!

Deity of choice: Myrtle!

Best cossie moment: Transforming from part of a mountain to the now known race Dwarf by the Immortal Myrtle (naturally)

Worst Cossie moment: First encounter with Dragonkin - such an evil race, they want everything to burn!

For everyone's use:

Character name:
Brief Bio:
Best Cossie moment:
Worst Cossie moment:

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Herman »

Here goes mine.

Character name: Herman.

aka: Nicemonkguy- seriously, I don't know of any other names for Herman.

Race: Half Elf.

Class: Monk.

Brief Bio: Originally from Old Cosrin, somehow ended up in A New Dawn. His memory is terrible, especially before A New Dawn and thus he doesn't understand what's going on a lot of the time. Despite this, certain events or places can jog distant memories of a bygone era. A worshipper of Life and Nature.

Loves: Life, Nature, his guild and occasional sweet treats. Enjoys meditating in his guild gardens.

Hates: Nothing really, but has an innate dislike for people who try to disrupt the balance of Life.

Best Cossie moment:
Difficult to pinpoint one event, but the Creatures guild story arc was amazing. Many great moments!

Worst Cossie moment: For Herman, the worst moment was when he realised he didn't know anyone. It was a time of great suffering for him.

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Sweetrabbit »

Here goes mine.

Character name: Sweetrabbit

aka: Barbarian Queen

Race: Half Ogre

Class: Berserker.

Brief Bio: Originally from Old Cosrin, retired and living near the old lands with her family at the house of Romanus. Still thinks of her friends long gone and wants them to know she still thinks about them frequently!

Loves: Hunting, family, life and friends!

Hates: Those who wish to bring harm to the lands and others.

Best Cossie moment: Too Many to Count! (from the old lands that is)

Worst Cossie moment: When all her friends disappeared.

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Bikou »

Character Name: Bikou

Aka: Umrae/Fengaraerith

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Sorcerer

Brief Bio: Was a priestess that came to Cosrin and decided to stay for good when she met Dahak/Toril. She had a dedicated group of friends that she was particularly loyal to.

Loves: Hunting with Toril and enjoying the company of said friends that were mentioned above. Oh and Theoduur.

Best Cossie moment: There are many, many moments that I enjoyed but most of them had Toril and group in there some where. Probably had to do with something in Valtera's shrine. Those were always fun.

Worst Cossie moment: That's a hard one to think about but I think it was when I realized that things weren't quite the same as they used to be and that alot of people had decided to let go of what they'd built and weren't returning to try and rebuild.

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Thordin »

Character name: Thordin Strohmgold

aka: Dodabbler, Shortstop, Smelly, Doorstop. ^^

Race: Dwarf

Class: Berserker

Brief Bio: Was a follower of ICA in old world, was the Chief of the Barbarian tower for some time.
Exists in New dawn.

Loves: Beer, Gold, a good fight.

Hates: Baths, devious sorts, is suspicious of magic users.

Best Cossie moment: SO many to choose from, but i always enjoyed the RP's with Varkolac, Umrae, Dahak, Herman, Sweetrabbit, Antonius.

A moment that springs to mind is at the end of the old world, when Thordin stood with ICA against Valtera and her ilk at the top of the mountain.

Worst Cossie moment: Hard to find a worst moment, since everything in character was great. But i guess out of character, was when the player base started to drop, and good RP was getting harder to find.

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by delmetry »

Character name:rocca
aka: The Shadow
Race: Gnome
Brief Bio: It has been a rough life growing up in the sewers of mooregate eating rats and fighting off the sewer assassins to survive but it only made me stronger. With the help of some of my nameless faceless friends I have learned the art of the shadows and death. I use my skills to survive this cruel world but I take solace in the fact that my Lord Avatar is by my side.
Loves:Money, Power, Death and destruction
Hates: flowers (they make me sneeze)
Deity of choice: Lord Avatar of Pain
Best Cossie moment: not having to pay 1.99 an hr..lmao
Worst Cossie moment: when i have to logout.

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Felix »

Character name: Felix

aka: Mr. Untouchable.

Race: Goblin

Class: Master Thief

Brief Bio: Without being a true deity, he is luck personified.

Loves: Apples, thievery and apples.

Hates: Bad dreams, getting caught.

Best Cossie moment: TBD ;)

Worst Cossie moment: TBD ;)

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Seik »

This is literally his entire existence from the Old Cosrin.

Character name: Seik
aka: Rat Killer, Child of Leoni(does she still exist in New Dawn??)
Race:Orc (more specifically...he is a Swamp Orc, yes, in his story there are many kinds of Orcs)
Class: Berserker
Brief Bio: He left his land to pursue the Orc Champions, a group of Orcs that had won Gladiatorial competitions and left to pursue glory. Seik left to chase them and destroy them all...because he believes them all to be without honor and terrible examples of his entire race.
Loves: Defeating the past Orc Champions, the feeling of a Troll's skull crushing beneath his boot, anything releasing it's blood upon the weapon in his hands
Hates: Failing his Mistress Leoni
Best Cossie moment: Being accepted immediately upon his first meeting with Leoni and treated as her personal attack dog.
Worst Cossie moment: Didn't really have one. Maybe the fact that nobody can really understand him? (then OR now lol)
Gladiator of the Orcs
Destroyer of Trolls

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Re: That old game: your character's traits and details!

Post by Seik »

I was also this character back in the day...

Character name: Korhal
aka: Leader of the Vampires, Dark Lord of the Spirits of Night, First GM of the Stormport Mages Guild
Race:Human (Vampire)
Class: Sorcerer
Brief Bio: Korhal started as a fighter, he left for quite some time...and returned fully versed in the dark arts of magic. He pursued and found quite a place for himself as a Warlock and leader of the Vampires of Cosrin.
Loves: Jadrialle(his only true love), Sylvana(his creator), Mystika(his greatest created vampire), his clan
Hates: Rough Riders, Thieves who think the Merchant's Purse is their tavern, every guild that is not the Mages', anything not Covenhouse, anything not Anyana.
Best Cossie moment: being turned by Sylvana
Worst Cossie moment: losing Jadrialle
Gladiator of the Orcs
Destroyer of Trolls

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