PvP dueling

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PvP dueling

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I found this in my old stuff, the rules created for personal duels

Hand to Hand combat is preferred. "Weapons of choice" option will be discussed by Master of Sparring and two combatants.

No Magic, No permanent maiming or crippling, No facial or fatal blows allowed. There will be a healer at the duel for unforeseen accidents or circumstances.

Official will do the coin toss up, person with winning coin side will dictate who has the first strike and the other will receive an *honor strike*.

Die of combat will be a 20 sided die.

Scoring system will be as follows:

1-9 Miss
10-14 1 point
15-19 2 points
20 2 points, w/ *Stunning blow*

The combat will end, unless there is a tie, with the first person to reach 5 points or higher.

*Master of Sparring decisions are final.*

Additional Information

Tie breaker - Each person will be given 1 chance to attack. Person with the highest roll will win. There has to be a victor.

Honor strike - used when person designated with Honor strike loses. Gives that person 1 chance to win. Honor strike can be turned down by it's bearer.

Stunning Blow - only awarded to person that rolls a 20. This gives a them an extra turn to attack immediately after their original attack.

Players will type an emote attack. Then roll a 20 sided die. After the roll is done, adjust accordingly to roll result. An example would be, if a person rolled a "miss".. emote the effect.

IE: Combat1 em draws a swift right hook to Combat2's chin.

Die rolled: 3

Combat1 em loses balance before throwing the hook.


Combat2 em grins, easily dodging the blow with a sidestep.

It is really up to the imagination of both players. This can be discussed by combatants before the spar. This helps foster the RP element more than just pure roll play

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