"Who's Online" on the website

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"Who's Online" on the website

Post by Rustin »

A small section on the main site or the forums to show who's currently online in Cosrin would be a nice addition, I think. Make it in the same format as the in-game WHOFULL with all of the prefixes, suffixes, etc. Since the game can be accessed through the web (Armory), I assume this would be possible. Ideally the web-who would update every time someone logged on or off, but a general 10- or 15-minute sync would be okay too.

Would this be a good idea? On the one hand, if an old timer came by and saw that there were X amount of players online, they might be enticed to pop on and say hello, then suddenly they might start swinging around regularly again. On the other hand, if the "who's online" constantly showed 1-3 players, it might discourage others from logging on.

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Re: "Who's Online" on the website

Post by vez »

I think it's a good suggestion, i'm sure if they have the skills available it can be done!

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Re: "Who's Online" on the website

Post by Tilius »

It's already an enhancement logged in the development tracker.

- sincerely signed, Tilius Tinkerwhistle!

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