Idea: Scheduled RP Events

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Idea: Scheduled RP Events

Post by Hakedo » August 12th, 2013, 10:51 am

Just some thoughts I had while hunting around and wondering what we could do to promote RP and encourage old players to stop in every once in a while for those RP events.

Scheduled RP events!

In essence, here's the problem we face: people want to RP but it's hard to be around 24/7, just waiting for certain things to happen. It's even harder to wait around when you aren't even sure something WILL happen. Over time, as people wait and wait and wait without much happening, they stop believing things will happen, then stop logging in.

If there were RP events that were scheduled ahead of time (by whoever is in charge of CosrinAND's developing storyline) and announced ahead of time, people could have something to look forward to. People could clear their schedules for an hour or two and hop on, knowing full well that they'll have something to enjoy.

One big benefit of this is that even if we we have 5-10 simultaneous players at any given time, these RP events might have 15-20 players because people will have had time to plan ahead and log in at the right time.

Wouldn't that be awesome? What do you think?

Now, the problem might be that there's no real Head of RP in charge of developing Cosrin's lore. Maybe no one has the skills for it. Maybe no one has the dedication or motivation for it. I know I'm sort of a new face around here, but if you're reading this, Admin, I'd like to know what I can do to maybe start some scheduled RP events?

EDIT: This should've been in the Suggestions forum. Sorry! Please move when you can.

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