Ranger guild portal for level 42 mold

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Ranger guild portal for level 42 mold

Post by Beal »

Hi guys,

Is it correct that I'm not able to craft a steel Javelin or steel Throwing Axe at glevel 42? It says I need outstanding, however, this seems fairly illogical, what's the point of selling this mold if I can't craft anything with it?

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Re: Ranger guild portal for level 42 mold

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The molds are used to craft Fighters Guild Vulcanite throwing javelin and throwing axes.

The reason the molds are available at GR 42 instead of GR 75 (when one can craft the items) is a mystery lost to the ages - though an educated guess would revolve around the creation of vulcanite items being in flux, consideration of vulcanite armor, and the very long minimum delay between updates at the time when they were originally created.

If you would like to see these moves to a higher level portal so as to avoid confusion, I would appreciate you creating a ticket in the appropriate location so it doesn't also become an issue lost to the ages.
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Re: Ranger guild portal for level 42 mold

Post by Khaji »

There are non-vulcanite javelin items that can be made using these molds, using some creativity.
They probably do however require more weaponsmithing skill than is available at that portal.

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