Scroll making

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Scroll making

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I wanted to know if the mages guild could expand on the scroll making like the monks guild.
As masters of the arcane we are suppose to be scholars researchers etc so it would make sense to be able to write scrolls. Rather than make set scrolls like the monks, I want to be able to have a mage inscribe a scroll along the lines with how a wizard enchants items.

For example
Eloras holds a papyrus scroll
Eloras inscribes a scroll with deamon fire
Eloras packs scroll of deamon fire

The stronger the skill the more charges the scroll can hold. This can be done by the materials used to make the scroll. Thin paper, paper, quality paper, papyrus.

That way all mages have something to sell and adds to the roleplay and fun.A Mentor could give his student a scroll with a spell the student was researching before he learnt it to see the effects and if he wanted to learn the spell himself.
A wizard may want to offer a scroll of teleport (have to be behind a wizard only vendor since the spell doesnt hold in your mind)
A Shaman offering a scroll of raise dead (resurrect not being able to be put in a scroll so remains shaman only service)
Sorcerer offering a weapon enchant for when someone goes hunting and doesnt want to run back into town.

Also gives a reason why a mage would learn the skill to use scrolls. Granted there are scrolls in the monks and rogues with a lot of the MSU spells and a few NSU and that is why they can learn the skill. But as a mage I personally have the skill at apprentice and have no intentions of increasing it as I have access to all the spells naturally.
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Re: Scroll making

Post by vez »

I think this is a great idea and would make cabalistic ability, or whatever the skill for reading scrolls is, actually worth having.

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