PROVISIONAL Engine Change 3.0 Patch Notes

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PROVISIONAL Engine Change 3.0 Patch Notes

Post by Admin » August 1st, 2019, 6:59 am

We have updated the test server to version 3.0 of the Cosrin Engine. If you would like to access the test server, please ensure you are using the latest client from - Version 513 is the latest version as of this post. Please backup your /users/USERNAME/documents/OGC folder to ensure that no settings are lost when installing the new client.

Once installed you can make a copy of the shortcut on the desktop, right click > properties > target > change the last part of this field from -COSRIN2 to -COSRIN2QA
This will connect to the TEST server.

There has been a change in how passwords are encrypted and this means all text in the passwords have been converted to uppercase letters so if your password doesn't work on test, please try changing all letters to capitals. You may change your password using the PASSWORD command once in game and it will retain case sensitivity. Please be aware that any update or reboot of the test server may require you to enter your original, uppercase, password.

  • Game data is now stored using a SQL database
  • Password encryption has been strenghtened
  • Passwords can now be up to 70 characters in length
  • There are now additional checks carried out on logon which may lead to a slight delay but increase account security
  • Players can now add an additional two lines of descriptions using the description3 and description4 commands
  • HP and SP gains will now continue until max level
  • Current players who are over level 50 will have their HP and SP increased to take the new changes into account
  • The base chance for good things to happen when you have a subscription to Cosrin : A New Dawn has been increased to 50%
  • The PERKS command now displays your current bonus for subscribers as well as your veteran rank + veteran bonus
  • Items now have the ability to have Land, City, Guild and Temple level restrictions placed on them
  • Trying to use or equip an item when you do not meet the requirements will result in none of the item benefits being applied - Weapons will not be usable (You will use empty hands to attack) and no armour bonuses will be received from armour
  • A warning message is displayed when you HOLD an item that "while you can hold the item, you will gain no benefit from it" if you do not meet the level requirements
  • Dying whilst on a flying mount should no longer cause you to lose the flying ability
  • Dying whilst being a race that can fly and be flying should no longer cause you to lose the flying ability.
  • Quests now have the ability to reward players with additional stable slots
  • Characters now only have 1 guildvote that they may cast per vote
  • If another player casts a spell and you know that spell, you will now know what they were casting
  • If another players spell fizzles and you know that spell, you will still not know what they were trying to cast because they messed it up
  • A bug has been fixed which allowed players who were above the "max level for EXP" range to still gather EXP from monsters in certain circumstances
  • Typos have been fixed in the STUN and WEB weapon enchantments trigger text
  • A whole load of other bugs have been squished in the process