2 November 2013 - 2.2.11a

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2 November 2013 - 2.2.11a

Post by Development » November 2nd, 2013, 4:18 pm

A new build has been deployed for Cosrin: A New Dawn.

1 - Disconnecting while advanced should no longer remove all experience.

2 - Experience "plateaus" have been removed. Upon death, characters will have a flat 10% experience removed. Characters below 10% experience to the next level will be reduced to 0%.

3 - Upon death, characters will lose 25% of gold on hand, down from 50%.

4 - Reduced the rate at which additional points of resistance are needed to reach a desired resistance level for elemental damage types.

5 - Reduced the luck bonus resistance to magical damage types from 15% down to 5%; however, the bonus 5% now additionally applies to elemental damage resistances, physical resistance, and stun resistance.

6 - The chance for monsters to reduce spells on characters has been reduced.

7 - The chance for monsters to trigger a damage-based stunning blow has been reduced.

8 - Bleed calculations now appropriately take bonus resistances into account.

9 - Poison damage now has a chance to stack rather than always stacking.

10 - Subsequent poison damage beyond the initial application will stack at a reduced rate.

11 - Corrected an issue where invalid commands issued in rooms players are unable to send tells from would result in an error message rather than "Unrecognized command".

12 - The damage component for balanced weapons has been slightly increased.

13 - Special attacks from monsters (spells, weapon enchants, etc) should now obey settings given to them rather than completely disregard those values and calculate its own. The same has been applied to traps.

14 - Characters that are a sufficiently higher level than a creature attacking them are granted additional resistances to any special attacks, up to and including immunity.
  • Note: This "hidden" additional resistance will not be displayed as part of the DEFENSE as it is applied on a per-monster basis and is not a general or static value.
15 - Monk top-end damage has been slightly increased.

16 - The chance to trigger a stun through the stunning blow skill has been slightly increased.

17 - Members of the Mages' Guild are granted additional build points when gaining levels to accommodate the increased cost of learning spells in additional to skills. This change is retroactive.

Note: Areas will be balanced against this release of the engine but requires a content push at a future date.
Any questions or comments regarding the engine should be submitted to the Development Team.

Any issues, bugs, requests, or ideas should be added to the Development Tracker