15 November 2013 - 2.2.11b

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15 November 2013 - 2.2.11b

Post by Development » November 14th, 2013, 11:12 pm

A new build has been deployed for Cosrin: A New Dawn.

1 - The rate has been slightly increased for the number of points needed for resistances at higher levels.

2 - Resolved a bug that was causing many monsters to be immune (or greatly resistant) to poison damage that should not have been.

3 - Resolved a bug that was causing the increased duration from perk-triggered spells to scale with server uptime.

4 - Unless explicitly configured otherwise, players no longer gain experience from monsters more than 25 levels below their own.

5 - The experience bonus gained when attacking monsters above your own level has been reduced.

6 - Experience bonus when attacking monsters above your own level is now calculated every level instead of every 5 levels.

7 - The experience penalty when attacking monsters below your own level has been significantly reduced.

8 - Experience penalty when attacking monsters below your own level is now calculated every level instead of every 5 levels.

9 - Weapon damage has been greatly reduced when attacking with a weapon which is enchanted with a spell that prevents affected creatures from fighting back.

10 - Resolved a bug that was causing spells which did not previously cause damage to cause damage to the player when effected by them (e.g.: Mindmaze).

11 - Traps may now have their damage range controlled in a meaningful way.

12 - Corrected a number of extremely old bugs for environment-based spell calculations which did not appropriately calculate the equation 1-x+y.

13 - In an effort to be fair, monsters sufficiently above your player level now gain additional physical, elemental, and magical resistances, up to and including immunity.

14 - If a monster's physical resistance makes it immune to a physical attack, weapon expertise is no longer checked and added to the damage.

15 - Weapons with permanent enchants can now have their extra feature damage controlled in a meaningful way.

16 - The level 20 cap on gaining experience from crowd control spells has been removed.

17 - Venom-based poison attacks now grant experience based on the up-front damage.

18 - Adjusted the attack strings for spells based on their tier/intensity. Weapons and room spells are now flagged as the highest intensity.

19 - All secondary/crowd control SSU spells have had their duration, power, and efficacy re-engineered. These equations take spell skill level, spell level, and the tier of the spell into account.

Note: The spell levels taught in the Adventurers' Guild and Mages' Guild are subject to adjustment pending ongoing content balancing activities.

20 - It is now possible for monsters to award fractional experience per damage, allowing for the reduction - if not elimination - of high hit point monsters that award no experience.

21 - It is now possible to flag a monster as a boss which will prevent players from gaining additional resistances based on being a higher level than it.

22 - In addition to monsters being capable of providing fractional experience, players will internally keep track of any experience not yet awarded, preventing the "loss" of experience that doesn't result in an integral value.

23 - It is now possible to set a item level for use on items. Controllable by land level, guild level, city level, or temple level.

24 - It is possible to either enforce or not enforce the item level on items.
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