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1 December 2013 - 2.2.12

Posted: December 1st, 2013, 3:59 pm
by Development
A new build has been deployed for Cosrin: A New Dawn.

1 - When GRACE is active, an additional message will be displayed as part of the output from the DEATHS command.

2 - Resolved a number of long-standing issues with the way incoming data is handled at the socket level:
  • A - Issuing a return with no other text should no longer result in blocking the subsequent command until a second subsequent command is issued.

    B - Long commands should now be appropriately truncated rather than split into separate commands.

    C - Incoming data received faster than it can be processed should no longer overwrite previously received but incomplete data.

    D - Removed some superfluous triple-buffering which could, at times, becoming out of sync with incomplete data received and incoming data to be processed.
3 - When picking up gold, the amount picked up is now displayed and the character name is displayed in green rather than cyan to be consistent with the gold drop change.

4 - When idle, notification that your character has been set afk will now only be displayed if your character is not already afk.

5 - The magic level of a character's fists will now show up in the STATS command.

6 - Dragon Kin characters will no longer start with items equipped. This change is retroactive.

7 - Bleeding no longer prevents regeneration of HP or SP on pulse, but is instead reduced based on the impairment(s).

8 - HP and SP are no longer regenerated if the character is guarded.

9 - Members of the Monks' Guild cannot fully regenerate SPs if they are either bleeding or poisoned.

10 - Only aggressive monsters or enforcers (for outlaws) will block exits that monsters can block.

11 - When healing another player, show whether or not they will need additional healing.

12 - Bleeding damage and poison damage will now appropriately checking for magic armor and berserker rage.

13 - The GUARD command and functionality has been redesigned:
  • A - Characters now have a chance to be staggered while guarding another player, with the chance increasing based on accumulated damage. The fighter class receives a reduction in the rate of this increase.

    B - Once staggered, guarding is broken and the player is unable to guard for a period of time until recovered. The fighter class has a reduced recovery time from stagger.

    C - After a period of time, if the player has not been staggered due to increasing damage, the chance to stagger will be reset. The fighter class receives a reduced duration before chance reset.

    D - The rate at which stagger chance increases is inversely proportional to player level.
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