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15 December 2013 - 2.2.12a

Posted: December 15th, 2013, 8:43 pm
by Development
A new build has been deployed for Cosrin: A New Dawn.

1 - When guarding, the rate at which you approach becoming staggered is decreased when parrying.

2 - When guarding, the rate at which you approach becoming staggered is increased when berserk.

3 - When staggered, all creatures advanced on the staggered character automatically disengage and will search for new targets on their next round.

4 - When staggered, the staggered character is also disengaged and will need to advance or charge to return to melee range on the next round.

5 - The effectiveness of magical strength for missile weapons has been reduced. This proportionally reduces the bonus for rangers as well.

6 - All sources of physical damage from rangers have been reduced slightly. The primary Fighters' Guild classes now pivot around the fighter class in terms of damage.

7 - The bonus spell damage sorcerers receive has been increased.

8 - All sources of elemental damage from shaman have been reduced slightly. This primary Mages' Guild classes now pivot around the wizard class in terms of damage.

9 - The berserker class is now always in a berserk stance. They can no longer parry or have a more conservative 'normal' stance.

10 - When any of the floating star signs appear, the cap on resistances listed under the defense command is increased by 15%. This stacks with the guild luck bonus of 10%.

11 - When the pantheon floating star sign appears, it grants an additional 10% to the resistance cap as well as grants all players 100% resistance to stun and non-elemental spell damage.

12 - The output of the defense command has a minor alignment change to accommodate the inclusion of cases where 100% resistance (immunity) is valid.

13 - The berserk stance has been redesigned:
  • A - Rather than a hard coded negative dodge chance, players simply receive a reduced effectiveness from the defense stat and shards.

    B - Additionally, since the character is attacking with reckless abandon, weak points are exposed in any equipped armor, resulting in a reduced effectiveness to physical resistance.

    C - The bonus accuracy is no longer a small, flat amount, but instead scales with the character's equipment now.

    D - The bonus damage for physical attacks has been reduced.

    E - While in the berserk stance, casters will now receive bonus damage to any cast offensive spells.

    F - It is no longer possible to gain additional damage bonus when guarded by another player.