6 April 2016 - 2.3.0c

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6 April 2016 - 2.3.0c

Post by Development » April 6th, 2016, 3:40 am

A new build has been deployed for Cosrin: A New Dawn.

1 - Resolved an issue where elemental damage of various specific types, performed in a specific manner, against various specific monsters in the game would result in the game generating corrupted output messages.

2 - Resolved an issue where the game would occasionally prematurely inhibit the maximum number of monsters that could be alive at any given time, including the possibility of degrading over time.

3 - Resolved an issue where making numeric bets on the roulette wheel could occasionally result in a bet placed for a number different than the intended number.
Any questions or comments regarding the engine should be submitted to the Development Team.

Any issues, bugs, requests, or ideas should be added to the Development Tracker