Scheduled Service Outage

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Scheduled Service Outage

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On Friday, January 31st we will be experiencing a complete service interruption as we move our servers to a new host.

Please note that any DNS propagation may take 24 hours after service is restored. Until that takes place, you will be able to access the game directly by its new IP address ( at that time.

This will impact the following services:
  • Cosrin: A New Dawn Game Server
  • Legends of Terris Game Server
  • OGC Hosted Websites and Forums
  • OGC Hosted Email Services
Timeline of the service outage (31 January 2014):
  • 09:30 - 19:00 GMT
  • 04:30 - 14:00 Eastern
  • 01:30 - 11:00 Pacific
If there are any modifications to the scheduled change we will be sure to communicate them to everyone.

Cosrin Staff