Slowly but Surely

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Slowly but Surely

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We are pleased to announce that the Rogues Guild titles have now been implemented and are set in game.

The Mages Guild titles are still being worked and discussed, with Castin taking over responsibility for driving it to completion.

Finally, a new feature in the latest version of the OGC Desktop Client has been added to assist with players who are seeing frequent disconnects or disconnects when idle for more than a few minutes - being the socket KeepAlive setting.

It can be seen and set this option under Config > Options > Network | Check "Use Socket Keep-Alive". Per RFC1122, this feature defaults to disabled.

Turning this on by itself is unlikely to solve any connection/idle timeout issues however. In order to allow the keep alive messages to begin transmitting, the system-wide timeout value must be modified.

For Windows:
For Linux: ... ive-HOWTO/
For Mac OS X: ... inux-macos

In each case, the setting that needs to be adjusted is the keep alive time which, again per RFC1122 defaults to a value no less than 2 hours (7,200,000ms). Adjusting this to 15 minutes (900,000ms), 10 minutes (600,000ms), or 5 minutes (300,000ms) should be sufficient to help keep the connection alive.

Values smaller than that are likely to be overkill, while values higher than that are likely to be "too late" to resolve the issue.

Please ensure the original, default values are backed up or documented if the change does not help or if it negatively impacts other programs so that it may be reverted.

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