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Morenavanyara's Swan Song

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As I am sure most of you have noticed, communication has been quiet from the staff for awhile now. A great many things have taken place, though mostly to the detriment of my free time to support Cosrin: A New Dawn.

During my trip to Georgia, an opportunity presented itself for a career change. I decided to pursue this, went through a protracted interview process, and received the good word of acceptance into the position at the start of June. I expected that the transition would result in a fair amount of additional training around work - and it has indeed lived up to that expectation.

To further supplement this, I decided to return to school this semester in pursuit of my Master's degree. While not absolutely necessary, my desire to learn more, new, and advanced topics and theory has definitely won out in this regard. Classes have started, and after the removal of 1 arm and 1 leg, I have been able to purchase the requisite text books.

Finally, in an effort to help bring my community into the 21st century, I also started volunteering at a local not-for-profit which is geared towards bringing fiber Internet access to the entire city and local "anchor" institutions (school district, university, government, hospitals, and other not-for-profits). With all of the anchor institutions now hooked up, we have begun turning our attention to the residential and business sectors.

Still far away from breaking ground on this, we have been successful at spurring the incumbent provider into action in an effort to prevent us from succeeding - something which we consider success in and of itself.

These ventures, of course, have squeezed out the free time I would previously leverage to support Cosrin around work and family. Because of this, and because these ventures are long-term pursuits, I can no longer support Cosrin from the perspective of Administrator.

Now, this is where I would announce my successor had discussions not simply come to a grinding halt; however, I have no such announcement to make at this time. Wishful waiting in hopes of a resolution is the single reason that the announcement of my stepping down has not been published earlier - I have always felt a strong obligation to keep the community informed, and in this instance it was not handled as well as it should have been.

So the question is, "What happened?". I can't rightfully answer this either, but I can provide what details I do have.

When I decided to begin pursuit of the new opportunities, I notified Sysop and Terris Admin, both to keep them informed of my situation as well as to brainstorm strategy for transition/successor and the future. This went well and was on hold pending the results.

Upon selection and acceptance of the offer, I returned to this discussion at the beginning of June, including notification to the Cosrin Staff team. A number of staff members expressed interest in taking on the duties of Cosrin Administrator, and this was conveyed to Sysop.

At this time, I made it clear that I would be stepping down at the end of June regardless of whether or not the transition to the next administrator had taken place. The conversation ceased and no more replies were received.

Despite having "drawn a line in the sand" so to speak, I continued to try to reach a decision through most of June. I made a few more communications via email to the active Cosrin Staff members, and notified them that my email would be disconnected at the end of June.

The end of June came and went, I added an auto-reply on the email address, and disconnected other email accounts as stated. Per agreement, all proprietary/OGC-owned data was packaged, delivered, and removed from my end. This received acknowledgment of delivery, but no further progress on any other discussions were made.

Communication has always been open on my personal email (for those who have it), and a handful of discussions were held through the month of July and August; however, still no progress has been made, and so I have no announcement in regards to a new admin to make.

Because this has been three months since acceptance, and two months prior to that for the initial notification of potential impact, I felt it was now long overdue to let you, the players and community, know where things stand. The current staff members who have offered to take over are still in communication with me and are still awaiting for a decision that allows us to move forward.

And so, we wait.

It has been a blast.

Good luck and Zoranspeed.
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