Cosrin Roadmap

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Cosrin Roadmap

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Greetings players of past, present and future.

This message is intended to serve as information regarding our plans for Cosrin : A New Dawn’s future and to give you all an idea of what work is going on behind the scenes.

Cosrin Staff will be working on rebalancing a number of areas designed for players within the 1-25 level range. This task is intended to make some of the lesser used areas more attractive for hunting, exploring and questing within and is part of a larger task involved in rebalancing areas up to and in excess of level 150’s

The task presented is certainly monumental and includes over 70 different areas covering all level ranges and is expected to be an ongoing project. It should make things more interesting bringing new monsters themed for specific areas. Other 'goodies' will be revealed once this initial task is complete.

Work continues to flesh out the website with content to make it, and the game, more attractive to new players.

The help files within the game are being audited, old references to Legends of Cosrin will be removed and updated to be relevant to Cosrin : A New Dawn, Help files that deal primarily with lore will be moved to the website so that in game help files will relate directly to player experience, detailing things like skills, spells, commands and basic hints and tips.
Rooms within areas that have old world references are being compiled on the development tracker and will be changed in due course. I would encourage players to submit any old world references they find to the development tracker so that these rooms can take priority to be changed.

Guildmaster elections are still on the cards and will be kicking off in February, an announcement will be on the forums soon.