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Hey All!

While I love the fun chats we get into in the Cosrin wizard, having a tiny window scroll through messages so freaking fast can be irritating, so I thought I'd quickly set up a Discord server for Cosrin!

Now, for those of you now familiar with Discord, it is a free chat service designed for gamers. It can do text and voice with no issues and great quality. There are apps for everything, including a web app you can just run in a browser (which voice chat still works very well on!) You can even set it up on your phone or tablet for mobile chatting!

Obviously this would be an entirely OOC chat, as IC stuff should probably remain either in Cosrin proper or at least here on the boards, but this could be a great way to facilitate larger discussions with more than just a couple of people (as we slowly get a steady stream of regulars back).

Here is the link to discords main site: https://discordapp.com/ so you can get an idea of what it is.

Here is the invite link if you'd like to join us! https://discord.gg/6GfJqXT

This link will never expire, so feel free to pass it on to your cosrin friends! :D
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