What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

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What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

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Ladies, Gentlemen, and Gil,

Since the hard drive crash last April, I have been fulfilling the role of Cosrin Administrator in an attempt to move the game forward, create an overall enjoyable experience, and attempt make it relevant in the niche market that is MUDs. I haven't done this alone, of course, I have been supporting by the rest of the staff team as well as with input from the guildmasters and numerous other players.

We've come a long way over that period, seeing the launch of the new website, new forums, a ticketing system to organize and track progress towards issues. We've had high and low periods of activity, both from the staff and the player side of things. We've continued to work to balance an improve the game with additional content and engine updates and plan to continue doing so as time marches on.

Most recently, we've seen a vast increase in the autonomy of the game and significant enhancements made to the OGC Desktop Client. The guildmasters have finished their guild histories, helping to create a solid foundation and back story to drive future story arcs and interactions. We have invested time and effort into getting the game added to a number of listing sites and have secured a modest advertising fund for the game.

However, despite all of that, it is clear to any bearing witness that the game is in dire need of constant engagement and involvement from staff to facilitate roleplay; to drive the game forward; to make logging in enjoyable; and most of all, to give each of you a reason to continue logging in. In order to do that, the staff team needs a person available, who has a strong vision for the future, and the time and capacity available to ensure that vision becomes reality.

Last year, between August through November, I was consumed by my real world work schedule and was all but absent from the game. During that time, I was unable to convey a vision to the staff team; unable to provide the guildmasters with the direction and support they needed; and most importantly, incapable of fulfilling my role as Cosrin Administrator to the degree that you as a community deserve from me.

As November arrived, my work load lessened and I was able to focus more time on Cosrin: A New Dawn - to perform all of the responsibilities I had assumed when accepting the role of Cosrin Administrator. I believed then that I would be able to maintain that, and could adjust my schedule around work to ensure that there would always be enough time to support the game and community to the level it deserves.

Now, as we move towards the second quarter of the year, my work schedule is beginning to increase again as more of our clients receive additional funding to restart old projects or begin new ones. It has become apparent to me that I cannot in good conscience continue to serve in the role of Cosrin Administrator as I am unable to maintain the time necessary to ensure that the role and responsibilities are handled to a degree that you as a community deserve.

As such, effective immediately, I will be working with one of our current staff members - Mombique - to begin transitioning myself out of the role as Cosrin Administrator and placing that responsibility in his capable hands. He has been on board since last April and I have all the faith in the world that he will continue driving the game forward and taking the opportunity and position to add his own vision to the future that belongs to everyone here.

While we are going through the transitional period, I will continue fulfilling my responsibilities as Cosrin Administrators and everything will continue going forward in a "Business As Usual" state. Effective 01 April 2013 00:00:01 I will relinquish all responsibilities and duties as Cosrin Administrator to Mombique and allow him to begin taking the game along its next trajectory.

That said, I fully intend to maintain my presence within the staff team, but to a much lesser degree and hopefully with the opportunity to get out in the open and actually spend the time I have available to roleplay, interact, and simply have a good time with each of you. This will provide me with a much needed freedom to come and go as my work schedule dictates without it further impacting the ability of the game to be progressively managed and driven forward.

I would like to thank all of you for the enjoyment, feedback, and ideas that have been submitted throughout the year; to OGC for providing this opportunity and experience to me; and to the members of my staff team that have worked to support my view of what Cosrin could be and where it could go. It has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure, I wish nothing but the best for the game going forward, and hope to see all of you around still into the future.

I know that you will show the same courtesies to Mombique that you have shown me and expect the transitional period to be of minimal interruption. If there are any questions or concerns that you have regrading this announcement, I can be contacted via email at admin@cosrintwo.com or in game via wishes.

Cosrin Administrator